Do Couples Need a Wedding Website?

Do Couples Need a Wedding Website?

Are wedding websites really a thing nowadays? Yes, they are!


As a wedding photographer, I love it when my clients, who are couples coming from abroad for a destination wedding in Greece, have a website. Wedding websites make my work very easy because they contain all information that I may need when offering my services.


And it’s not just us wedding photographers who benefit from wedding websites, the couples and their guests enjoy smooth communication through such a platform. Wedding websites help in tracking RSVPs, guests can access information related to accommodation, flight schedules, and anything else they may want to know.


If you think that having a wedding website is adding another task to your already long to-do list, in this article, I am going to share with you some of the benefits of having one.


For those who haven’t heard about wedding websites, here is a quick explanation of what they are. It is an online website that contains details about your wedding. It is a platform where the couple can engage with their guests during the wedding planning process. Wedding websites are an essential tool for many brides and grooms. They can be accessed from anywhere and can be customized to reflect the personalities of you and your spouse.


Reasons Why Couples Need a Wedding Website


It Helps Tell Your Story


The funniest thing about people, when they hear about a wedding of a loved one, they always want to know how you met. If you don’t want to repeat this story to every person you meet, then get yourself a wedding website.


Of course, we all love to share how the story of how we met our loved ones. But repeating it over and over again drains your energy. On your website, you can tell your story. Share with the world in a paragraph or two about your first meet and even how the proposal went. Even those who won’t make it to the wedding will appreciate this gesture.


Guests Can Have Access to:


  • Wedding Timetable (Schedule) – Through your website, you can prepare guests in advance on the schedule of events.
  • Flights Information – For those of you who are planning to have a destination wedding, you can include flight details on your website. Your guests will have an easier time making arrangements on how they are going to get to that venue.
  • Accommodation Details – Your guests must have somewhere to stay during that period. And because you know more about the venue than they do, it is only fair that you find or help them find accommodation. Make sure that you are very clear about the rates and types of accommodation available. It is also important that you make known some of the places to explore for your guests during their stay.
  • Excursion Plans – It’s not just accommodation or flight information that your guests need to be aware of when attending your destination wedding. They need to know how long they would be visiting, what they should or shouldn’t carry, and other tiny but essential details that will ensure they have a great experience. Moreover, a map with key locations as museums, seaside, traditional villages, local food restaurants, etc will assist the guests to explore the place, in the case of a destination wedding.
  • A FAQ Section – You may be surprised at how clueless some of your guests are in matters regarding weddings. This is where a FAQ section comes in handy. Whenever you come across an issue that requires to be addressed, you can add it to your FAQ section on your wedding website. Here you can write anything ranging from suggested packing lists to what type of wedding your guests can expect.


You Can Stream or Have a Virtual Ceremony


Current times have taught us that it’s not just official meetings that can be held virtually. For the guests who can’t make it to your wedding, you can always stream the event on your website. This way everyone can be part of the ceremony and not feel left behind.


You Can Integrate an Online RSVP


The term “RSVP” comes from the French expression répondez s’il vous plaît, meaning “please respond.” If RSVP is written on an invitation, it means the host has requested that the guest respond to say if they plan to attend the party. Sending invitations online with RSVP will speed up the whole process and help you be more organized.

Online RSVP forms offer fast feedback. Also, on your website, if you include an online RSVP form, you will cut down a significant cost from invitations.


You Can Tell Your Guests What They Should Wear


Obviously, your wedding has a theme. To ensure everything syncs perfectly with that theme, your guests need a dress code. On your website, you can share the mode of dressing everyone is expected to wear. For example, it can be a summer Bohemian wedding on a Greek island where everyone has to wear white linen.


Finally, You Can Communicate Important Details about Your Wedding


Your wedding website is a communication tool that allows you to share information about the event. For example, if you prefer an unplugged wedding where there are minimal interruptions from guests taking photographs with their cameras or being glued to their phones during the event (…). You can make this announcement early in advance on your website. Check also reasons why go unplugged


Get a Wedding Website Today and Enjoy a More Organized Planning Process

How to Create a Wedding Website
  1. Choose a Website Builder.
  2. Pick a Unique Domain Name.
  3. Choose and Personalize a Template.
  4. Add the Important Details.
  5. Include an RSVP Form.
  6. Include a Gift Registry.
  7. Make Your Site Exclusive.
  8. Make It Part of Your Big Day.

As you can see from above, a wedding website is more than just a digital trend, but it does make planning easier and more affordable. With so many templates and designs to choose from, your wedding website is just a click away.


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