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My Shooting Style
My Shooting Style: Documentary Wedding Photographer Being a documentary wedding photographer in Greece, and the reasons why I cho...
Wedding Preparation Tips
Wedding Preparation Tips
For a successful and memorable wedding, proper planning is essential. I would like to guide you on how to do it accurately.
Eco-Friendly Wedding
6 steps for an Eco – Friendly Wedding
Lots of eco-friendly enthusiasts dream of going green during their wedding days. There are many couples that chose to go for a green wedding.
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Do Couples Need a Wedding Website?
Do Couples Need a Wedding Website? Are wedding websites really a thing nowadays? Yes, they are!   As a wedding photograp...
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Tips for Writing Wedding Vows
Weddings are some of the most significant personal events you can have in a lifetime. Keep the memories alive by hiring a professional wedding photographer.
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Photogenic Wedding
6 Steps to a More Photogenic Wedding Work hand in hand with your wedding photographer so that you can bring the best out of your ...
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Maternity and Family Photography
Maternity and family photography capture special memories and will always remind you of the happy and special times in your life.
kids at weddings
Kids at Weddings
Incorporating kids at your wedding can make the event to be lively, adorable, and fun. But since kids are unpredictable, it can be a bit hard for you to know which role they should be allocated to, at a wedding.
wedding photography price
Wedding Photography Price
Are you looking to hire a wedding photographer? Are you stuck in between value and price? This post examines all the aspects of photography pricing.
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What is Eloping and Why to Elope in Greece?
Eloping  in Greece Stories of couples eloping have become very popular on social media and in weddings' blogs. Being an activity ...
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