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Wedding Photography in Greece

Kids at Weddings


Incorporating kids at your wedding can make the event to be lively, adorable, and fun. But since kids are unpredictable, it can be a bit hard for you to know which role they should be allocated to, at a wedding.

Eco-Friendly Wedding


Lots of eco-friendly enthusiasts dream of going green during their wedding days. There are many couples that chose to go for a green wedding.

Wedding Photography Packages


Are you looking to hire a wedding photographer? Are you stuck in between value and price? This post examines all the aspects of photography pricing.

Maternity and Family Photography


Maternity and family photography capture special memories and will always remind you of the happy and special times in your life.

Madame Shoushou


A shooting project on madame shoushou collection S19, in Rhodes. Madame shoushou clothes combine elegant and romantic design with the creative combination of delicate patterned fabrics.

Why your Wedding Photographer is as important as your Wedding


There is no denying that professional wedding photography is one of the best services you can invest in during your wedding, as the effects will last.

Top 6 Types of Wedding Flowers


It's essential to look for a florist who can assist you in choosing the best flowers that meet your needs. In most cases, you'll find that the florist usually offer flower delivery services.

Destination Wedding in Greece


There are many reasons to Have Your Destination Wedding in Greece One of the challenges of having a destination wedding is choosing the perfect location. Probably, you might be yearning for a weddin...

Documentary Wedding Photography


When looking forward to documenting your wedding for future memories, you need to choose between wedding photojournalism...

Greek Wedding Dress


Madame shoushou wedding dresses combine elegant and romantic design with the creative combination of delicate and luxurious lace.