Wedding Lighting: How to Light a Wedding Venue Perfectly

How to have the Perfect Wedding Lighting

The wedding venue and the wedding lighting you choose are something you will remember for the rest of your life. Long after your wedding day is gone, your wedding photographs will act as a reminder of this special day. It is therefore essential that you pick a meaningful venue.

Choosing the ideal wedding venue takes a lot of research and analysis. You have probably come across many wedding venue ideas from magazines or movies. But, to find the perfect venue, you must consider several factors. One of the most important factors you should consider is lighting.


How to Light a Wedding Perfectly?

For those interested in destination weddings and are considering summer venues in Greece, the venue and lighting need to go hand in hand. Proper lighting ensures wedding photography in Greece is clear, focused, and detailed.

There is no doubt that lighting is one of the most underrated aspects considered when picking a wedding venue. However, as a professional wedding photographer in Greece, I am here to remind you of how important lighting is. Although I do take advantage of the amazing daylight to take wedding photographs, lighting plays an integral role in enhancing wedding photography.

Thanks to the lighting, you will be able to show off all the pretty details of your venue in photographs. This includes the wedding gown, the groom’s suit, and the guests, during the ceremony but also the decoration, the food, the design, and much more during the reception. And, other than making your wedding photos exquisite, proper lighting allows your guests to easily enjoy their food and dance to their favorite tunes.


Understanding Wedding Lighting Lingo

Before you venture out looking for wedding lighting ideas, it is important that you understand some of the lighting terms used. For instance, up-lighting is lights placed on the floor and shining up the walls. We also have pin spots that illuminate certain areas. There are gobo lights that shine through to create a unique pattern. There is also a color wash that highlights the entire room. There are many types of lights you can choose from. All you have to do is find one that suits or matches your wedding design.


The Cost of Wedding Lighting

Once you familiarise yourself with the wedding lighting lingo and understand the pros and cons of each, you are ready now ready to go shopping. The cost of wedding lights depends on the size and style of the event. There are also two ways how you can go about lighting a wedding venue. You can either do the lighting all by yourself or hire a professional.

Doing it yourself is ideal when you are on a budget. However, hiring professionals guarantees a more unique lighting design. Your wedding planner can help you find a reputable lighting designer. Their charges vary. If you prefer to install the lights by yourself, ensure that you buy them earlier in advance so that you can use them in rehearsal dinners and bridal showers. However, hiring a professional is always the best stress-free option!


Wedding Venue Lighting Ideas According to Style

If you want your wedding to be unique and unforgettable, then you must choose a venue style that suits both you and your partner. Different styles require different lighting ideas. To help you out, let’s look at the four main wedding style ideas and the type of lighting you can use;

Rustic – Do you prefer more unsophisticated wedding venue style lighting options such as paper and antique lanterns that can blend with your style?  Marquee lights and bulb pendants can also add a raw and natural feeling.
Glamorous – Nothing speaks glam more than using dramatic lighting sources like candelabras and chandeliers.
Modern – To achieve a modern wedding venue style, floating candles and LED lights can do the trick.
Romantic – Finally, classic romantic weddings are incomplete without there being lots of candles and string lights. The soft glow from these light sources creates a warm and relaxed ambiance.


Indoor and Outdoor Wedding Lighting

Lighting indoor weddings are usually easier because there are power sources around. What is required of you is to know what lighting source is around and work your way around it. When it comes to indoor lighting you can opt for color washing or up-lighting.

On the other hand, outdoor weddings are a bit tricky to light up because of the proximity of power sources. But thanks to technology, you can easily hire silent generators. Here, you will have to call in professionals to safely wire and install the lights. String lights and pin spotlights can be used for outdoor weddings.


Bottom Line

A well-lit wedding venue is a secret ingredient when it comes to taking stunning wedding photographs in Greece. As a skilled wedding photographer, I can capture all the best details of your wedding provided there is sufficient lighting during special ceremonies and receptions. To ensure that the lighting installed in your venue is sufficient, I recommend setting up the lighting two days earlier so that you can avoid any surprises. After all, it is set up to relax and enjoy your big day!


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