Wedding Preparation Tips

Wedding preparation tips:

For a successful and memorable wedding, proper preparation is essential.

A well-organized wedding will give the best images on your big day! I would like to guide you on how to do it accurately.


9-16 Months Prior

At this stage, it is important to start a wedding binder or folder. For inspiration, go through bridal, food, gardening, fashion, and design magazines and ideally research on Pinterest and Instagram for more free inspiration. You also need to come up with a budget and create a guest list. The location plays a very important role. Lately, a destination wedding in Greece is considered to be among the top ones! Especially summer island weddings at locations as Crete, Rhodes, Paros, Naxos, Santorini, and Corfu. Hire a wedding planner if necessary, and decide on your wedding location.


8-12 Months Prior

This is the perfect time to look for a suitable wedding photographer, book the wedding reception and ceremony venues, and choose a reliable wedding caterer. If you are anticipating out-of-town guests, it is important that you look for available accommodation in the area. You also need to create a wedding website from a reliable provider. The purpose of a website is to note wedding dates, accommodations, travel information, and anything important to the event. The links to this are then sent to invitees and other stakeholders.


7-6 Months Before

Now that you know your wedding date, location, and links to the wedding website, you can start sending invitations. This is also the right time to plan a honeymoon, book a florist, shop for bridesmaid’s dresses, and arrange for transportation.


4-5 Months Before

This is the ideal time to select and order the wedding cake, book dinner, and rehearsal venues. Also, buy bridal shoes and start trying out wedding dresses that match this. You also need to schedule hair and makeup artists.


2-3 Months Before

This is a final touch period. Buy your undergarments, wedding rings, list out the people who will be giving toasts, and order any desired favors. You could choose to enjoy a bachelor party at this time.

Don’t forget to send the timetable and all the locations, venues & vendors list to the photographer.


1 Month Before

Get your marriage license processed, and finalize your wedding dress purchase. Make sure that all payments are done for convenience. Align the ceremony seating, and if necessary, write vows.


Wedding Week

Just before the wedding, reconfirm the vendor’s arrival times. Once more, check with your wedding photographer all the details as the group shots, any special requirements, and the meal arranged for the photographer at the reception. Make sure that everything is clear and you have no question although by choosing wedding professionals they will take care of everything on your wedding day! You just have to relax and enjoy it!

What follows is to book a spa treatment in order to relax, get welcome baskets ready, and pick your bridal dress if you are not yet to. This is also the time to pack for your honeymoon. By all means possible, avoid the last-minute rush. I hope that the above tips will make your wedding a success.


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