Top 6 Types of Wedding Flowers

Top 6 Types of Wedding Flowers You Should Look for

If you’re struggling to find the best wedding flowers for decoration and bridal bouquets, then you’re on the right page.

You may be confused due to the large number of beautiful flowers available in florist shops. Therefore it’s essential to look for a florist who can assist you in choosing the best flowers that meet your needs. In most cases, you’ll find that the florist usually offers flower delivery services. To complete your wedding plans, below are some best types of wedding flowers that will suit your budget, personal preference, and wedding theme:

1. Roses

Roses are the most romantic flowers which makes them a perfect fit for most couples. Roses symbolize beauty, and love and are usually used as a metaphor for conveying love passion, and emotion for a lifetime. On the wedding day, it’s a wise idea to mix and match different roses with different colors. In case you would prefer having different roses for your hair accessory, corsage, boutonnieres, and centerpieces, simply ask the florist to provide some tipped and striped roses.


2. Tulips

They symbolize gracefulness, happiness, and consuming love and are a great type of wedding flowers. Tulips can both be used as bridal bouquets and decoration of the wedding venue to make it more elegant. Tulips are available in cream, white, and other pastel colors like yellow, pink, and peach. Other types are bright in color with purple, red, and magenta.


3. Peonies

Many brides consider peonies due to their softness and their unique texture when it comes to colors. They have bright colors and a strong scent, which is the reason behind the Victorians using them to symbolize bashfulness. Your local florist can either make single bride bouquets of peonies or even pair them with different types of flowers. They also form a gorgeous style for any arrangement.


4. Hydrangeas

These flowers represent vanity and are usually preferred for island weddings such as in Greece due to their attractive colors. They are available in white, burgundy, pink, green, and blue colors, which give you a variety of choices to match your wedding style and theme. They are scentless although they have a charming and appealing look which makes them suitable for standalone centerpieces for bride wedding decoration. Hydrangeas are very affordable and can be used for corsages, boutonnieres, bouquets, and handpieces.


5. Ranunculus

In case you want to combine roses or peonies with another charming flower, then you should consider Ranunculus since it has a similar beauty. Ranunculus symbolizes magical beauty and dazzling charm and is perfect for a fairytale-like theme. These flowers also have multi petals and nice scents, which make your wedding venue pleasing. They are available in yellow, white, orange, and pink colors.


6. Stephanotis

These flower types are star-shaped, have waxy florets, and have a dainty white color that makes them perfect for wedding decoration. They have a mild scent that symbolizes marital happiness. Stephanotis is mostly used in formal weddings and classic solemnization as bouquets. They are available throughout the year even during summer.


In conclusion, these are some top types of wedding flowers you can look for. Other types include calla lilies, sweet peas, gardenia, anemones, and lilacs. Mother nature consists of amazingly colorful flowers that can make your wedding really bright but always be eco-friendly!


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