Ways Weddings Changed

Ways Weddings Changed in the Past years


Weddings have come a long way. A decade ago, weddings were more or less a formality that followed a particular routine depending on your rituals or traditions. Today, weddings have evolved into more meaningful celebrations. Couples are nowadays choosing unique ways of saying their ‘I do’s in the most romantic destinations in the world and especially in Greece.

Today, weddings are a journey and not just a one-time event. Couples have the freedom to customize their wedding event to whatever they feel like. This freedom makes these celebrations more interesting and leaves us with unforgettable memories.


Whether you are a soon-to-be bride/groom or you just want to reminisce, here are some of the ways weddings have changed in the past years.


  1. Destination Weddings have Become More Popular


‘Those who thought destination weddings was a trend that would disappear in a year or two, they are in for a big surprise’, says Mary, a Greece-based wedding planner. Gone are the days when couples had to host their celebration in the nearest venue. With so many beautiful destinations out there, brides and grooms have hundreds of choices when it comes to choosing venues. One of the most popular destinations for weddings, elopements, and celebrations is Greece


‘Though it might cost more, getting married at the beautiful shores of the Greek islands gives you an experience that you will cherish for the rest of your life”, explains Mary.


  1. Social Media became a Major Player


In these modern times, the world revolves around social media. As you flip through pictures or stories on your favorite social media platform, you can’t miss a photo or two of a beautiful couple tying the knot in what seems to be the most decorated wedding venue ever.


‘Thanks to professional photography and the internet, couples can now flaunt pictures of their colorful wedding on social media and let the world know how beautiful their celebration was’, says Jane a Wedding Decorator.


  1. Wedding ‘Customization’


‘Who would have ever thought a wedding can be customized?’ James, recently married. He continues to explain, ‘My wife and I approached our wedding planner with this brilliant idea of having a musically themed wedding. Surprisingly enough, we pulled it off. It was like nothing I have ever seen before.’


Customization allows the bride and groom to express their true selves and emotions. This is a huge change because 10 years ago, no one would have even entertained the idea of a customized wedding.


  1. Fun Focused Events (No More Formality)


Along the way, couples realized that weddings were more of a formality and that took the happiness away of these celebrations. Of late, wedding venues, themes and decorations have all been changed to make things fun for everyone.


  1. Non-Traditional Venues


As the formality factor is being eliminated, more couples are leaning towards non-traditional venues. Even though the church, fancy hotel ballroom, and other popular wedding venues remain a top option. Couples are getting married in other venues that offer sentimental value such as out in the grapevine, at the beach, at a villa over the sea, and even on rooftops with stunning views.


  1. Wedding Weekends are Now a Thing


Eve, an event planner recently shared with me how couples love when the entire weekend is turned into a wedding. He explains, ‘No one wants the best day of the lives to end in a few hours. And that’s why couples now want a wedding weekend so that they can enjoy every minute of this special occasion.’

According to my experience, most destination wedding couples go for a two days celebration. It can be a pre-wedding party on a boat or at the beach. Or an after-wedding brunch to relax and enjoy the day. And I always get amazing photographs of pure fun!


  1. The Guest Experience


15 years ago, weddings only considered the bride and the groom as the priority. Today, the entire guest list is a priority. That’s why modern weddings have fewer guests so that they can enjoy an unforgettable experience.


  1. Wedding Trends Don’t Matter Anymore


‘My job as an event designer back in 2011 was very difficult. I had to keep up with every wedding trend which seemed to bring something new after every few weeks. At the moment, I can testify how things have changed significantly. Brides nowadays prefer natural and simple wedding decorations irrespective of the budget. And I love that’, admits Ann, an event manager, and designer.


  1. Art Began to Influence Design


Do you see those shouting bridal designs anymore in weddings? Art has changed the approach in wedding design. Grooms and brides nowadays prefer actual art that is focused more on architecture and not fancy decorations. Less is more is my motto and organic is the trend.


  1. The Timeline was Re-Imagined


10 years ago, all weddings shared the same timeline and order of events. But today, you just have to wait and see what the bride and groom have in store for you. This anticipation makes weddings more exciting. I love it when couples chose a smooth, laid-back plan where all together enjoy the flow.


  1. Good Food Became a Focus


Back in the days when weddings were packed with hundreds of guests,  the quality of the meals would definitely be compromised. But today, good food has become an area of concern. To make your guests happy, the food must be delicious as the Greek food. Dinner service has also changed. Currently, most meals boast of a family-style that brings the guests and the bride and groom together.


  1. Same-Sex Weddings are Now Legal


This is one of the biggest changes that has occurred in the past decade. Thanks to the efforts of activists and open-minded leaders, same-sex weddings are now legal in at least 29 countries in the world. Though a small number, it is a start and in the next few years, this number is definitely going to increase.


After years of same-sex couples being denied the opportunity to proclaim their love for each other, today you can get married to the love of your life in front of the entire world. Many same-sex couples are opting to have destination weddings in countries where it is legal.


  1. Documentary Wedding Photography


Last but not least my style of shooting weddings. Remember when we talked about how weddings have transitioned into a journey from a one-time event? Well, wedding photography also had to change into a documentary-style so that it could capture the entire event from the beginning to the end.


Documentary wedding photography helps the couples tell their love story through pictures. And unlike traditional wedding photography, this newer style doesn’t just focus on couples the entire time. It captures everything that is happening around them. This makes it possible for the bride and groom to relive the entire day, years later.


From the changes we have seen so far, the future of weddings is unpredictable. We will just have to wait and see. In the meantime, let us enjoy these changes and create lasting memories.


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