Top 10 Wedding Planning Apps

Top 10 Wedding Planning Apps to Keep a Bride Organized

Thanks to technology, there are lots of wedding planning apps that can help you as a bride remain organized.


Knowing that your wedding is coming up in a year or a few months is one of the best feelings in the world. The excitement and adrenaline that run inside your body are unexplainable as you picture spending eternity with the love of your life. However, during this period, you will also have to plan your wedding day.

And, as easy as it might look when other people are narrating about their wedding plans, it can get quite overwhelming and stressful. There are lots of things to do, such as inviting guests, hiring a reception venue, and purchasing an essential wedding itinerary. At the same time, you have to adhere to your wedding budget. Handling all these things by yourself is fun. But since human is to error, you might find yourself forgetting about some essential things in organizing your wedding.  With these wedding planning apps installed on your smartphone, you can literally organize your entire wedding from the comfort of your home or office. They will keep you on track with your budget and much more.


Top 10 Wedding Planning Apps to Keep a Bride Organized


  1. WeddingWire App

This is a must-have app for a bride who is looking to have a stress-free wedding planning period. It captures all elements involved in the preparation of your wedding. The app features a budget tool, guest list organizer, and even inspirational content to lift your spirits whenever you feel drained.

When you download this wedding planning app, you key in your wedding date, and from there, it will schedule a plan for you. The WeddingWire app allows you to link your account with that of your partners so that you can share ideas seamlessly. An alternative is the knot wedding planning app.


  1. WeddingWire for Guests App

A wedding would be incomplete without guests. WeddingWire has got you covered when it comes to sharing your wedding information with your guests. This app connects you with all your guests. From it, they can easily locate your reception venue and even accommodation. Your guests can also share pictures on the app for anyone to download.


  1. Bride Dress Finder

Brides spend so much time looking for a wedding dress. You can avoid going through all this simply by downloading a Bride Dress Finder. Such an app features an advanced search tool that offers its users a database of wedding gowns. After installing it on your phone, you can search for wedding gowns near you by inputting your location. The app also has other unique features. For instance, you can customize your search results by indicating a price range and style. With this app, you can be assured of finding the perfect wedding dress.


  1. Wedding Countdown

We usually have a countdown for New Year celebrations, and this is something that happens at the end of every year. So, why shouldn’t you have a countdown to a once-in-a-lifetime event? The wedding countdown app plays an essential role in planning your wedding. It shows you whether you have still got the time or need to hurry things up. You can personalize it with fancy fonts, flowers, and wedding songs. You can link it to your social media accounts so that when the date reaches, you can share it with the public.


  1. WeddingHappy

This app is the ideal substitute for a wedding assistant. It helps you execute all of your wedding plans in the shortest time possible. The WeddingHappy app works as your personal assistant, and you preload it with tasks that will schedule on your behalf. You can link your WeddingHappy account with your groom and maids of honor so that they, too, can be caught up to speed with what to do.


  1. Minted

Wedding invitations say a lot about the wedding. With the Minted app, you can create captivating invitations. The wedding planning app works with skilled artists and graphic designers that help users come up with fascinating invites, ceremony programs, and escort cards. The app features several templates that you can tailor to suit the theme of your wedding.


  1. Riley and Grey

Having a site for your wedding is a clear indication of a well-planned wedding. Riley and Grey can make this wish come true by creating the perfect site for your wedding ceremony. This app offers you modern templates that you can use to design your wedding website. One thing that distinguishes this app from the rest is that Riley and Grey’s sites are user-friendly, and you can add venue directions, accommodation, and even flight booking links.


  1. Mint

Although not a conventional wedding planning app, it can come in handy for tracking your expenses. During wedding planning, if you are not careful, you might surpass your budget. This is quite normal, after all, who wouldn’t like to make their dream wedding a reality. Mint is a money management app that is quite easy to use. You can sync your credit and debit cards with them so that you can track your expenditure. The app will also send you weekly reports and remind you of due payments. An alternative is


  1. AllSeated

If you are stuck trying to figure out how best to organize tables and seating arrangements at your reception, All Seated can save the day. All you have to do is send them a photo via the app, and they will give you a 3D rendering of the space in which you can organize tables digitally. After creating the perfect seating arrangement, you can share this graphic image with your MC, DJ, caterers, and other parties involved.


  1. Instagram

Some of you might be wondering what Instagram is doing on this list, but this is an essential wedding planning app. There are a lot of things, wedding planning-related, that can be accomplished via Instagram. For instance, a single post on your account can notify your friends about your upcoming wedding. You can also use it to reach out to caterers, wedding photographers, and other professionals whose services you might need. Also, when planning what to wear and how to decorate your venue, you can gain inspiration from Instagram by going through wedding posts.


Isn’t it amazing how technology has made life easier? With these apps available at your fingertips, planning your wedding will be a breeze. They will keep you organized and on track till your wedding day. You will also enjoy a stress-free and fun-filled wedding planning period.


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