Tips for Writing Wedding Vows

Tips for Writing Wedding Vows

When you are fantasizing about your wedding ceremony,

do you picture exchanging the traditional vows with your loved one or coming up with a unique set of words that reflect more on your relationship? If you prefer the latter, then congratulations on making this big milestone in your marriage. There is something about writing your vows. You not only promise to love, protect, and honor your better half, but it shows you are committed to making the relationship work!


As special as personalized wedding vows are, choosing the right words to say to your bride or groom can be a bit complicated. However, with these tips and tricks, you can write meaningful vows that will touch the heart of your partner and the guests that will be attending your destination wedding.


  1. Ensure that Both of You are in Agreement on Personalized Wedding Vows


The bride could be interested in writing her own vows but the groom could be of a different opinion. All of you must agree on this matter. And from there work on the vows together, not unless you prefer it be a surprise. You can both agree to follow a romantic theme. However, either of you is free to choose a tone that suits your personality and preference. If your groom has a humorous personality, encourage him to use that tone in their vows.


  1. Gain Inspiration by Reading Lots of Wedding Vows Examples


There is no better way to learn, other than reading. Writing vows from scratch may seem impossible at first. However, if you go through examples that relate to your relationship and faith, you can know where to start, what to include in the main body, and how to spice it up. Remember to gain inspiration only and not to copy someone else’s vows.


  1. Reflect on Your Relationship


Before taking a pen and putting your vows down on paper, reflect on your relationship. Ask yourself questions such as; when/how did we meet? What did I feel when I first saw him/her? How has our relationship been so far? These questions will help you come up with important highlights of your relationship. As you reflect, jot down some notes about your relationship, to refer to later.


  1. Include Promises in Your Vows


It’s time to start writing drafts of your wedding vows. Don’t leave behind promises. There are some people who are reluctant about making promises because they are afraid of not fulfilling them. In this case, you need to trust your gut. If you have chosen to marry this person then you need to assure them that you will love and always be there for him/her.


  1. Don’t Be Afraid to Add a Story in Between


Everyone enjoys a good love story. The usual story that is found in most wedding vows is how you met. The more awkward your first encounter was the better it will be. So don’t be afraid to let the world know how you guys met through a blind date or even at a grocery store.


  1. Give It Your All


Many are the time’s brides and grooms hold back important details in fear of what other people will think. Never hesitate to praise your lover and show how good they are. You can even share your elopement story and why you have decided to have a destination wedding in Greece. When it comes to personalized wedding vows, it pays to write it all out.


  1. Be Creative


At one point in your research, you will come across a well-written wedding vow example. You may be tempted to copy the entire piece. But, hey, it’s you who we want to listen to. Not some random guy on the internet. Therefore, be creative. You can only borrow a few lines from other authors but the entire vow should be your own work.


Writing wedding vows isn’t as hard as you may think. All you have to do is put your mind to it, listen to your emotions, and write what you feel. It’s very important to write what you mean because, in the future, your husband, wife, family, and friends will always remind you of the vows you made to your loved one. It’s wise to remember that things may get tough later on and you have to promise to be there in the good and bad times. Most importantly, have fun and enjoy writing your wedding vows.


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