According to mythology, the renowned sculptor of antiquity, Phidias, taught the locals the secrets of his trade. Their skill is on show in churches, fountains, arches, and pigeon lofts.

What to Expect on Your Visit to Tinos

Tinos, nicknamed the “handmade island” by philosopher Cornelius Castoriadis, is one of the Cyclades’ burgeoning island attractions. A wonderful trip for nature lovers, architectural and art enthusiasts, and foodies! Tinos is the birthplace of famous Greek marble carvers such as Gyzis, Lytras, Chalepas, Filippotis, and Sochos. These artisans were well-known for their works, which helped to elevate the island’s marble-carving legacy to new heights.
You will love your excursions to the magnificent beaches and the attractive 40 or so towns created in the traditional architectural style of the region. Its culture and delicious cuisine, as well as the manner of life of the residents, will leave you speechless.



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