The Perfect Wedding Welcome Bag

The Ultimate Guide to Putting Together the Perfect Wedding Welcome Bag

Wedding welcome bags are the best way to make sure your guests feel appreciated and special. You can do this by providing a welcome kit that includes personalized items for each guest, or a traditional gift for all of them. Learn about the wide variety of options available to help you put together the perfect gift in this post.


Purpose of a Wedding Welcome Bag

A welcome kit is a collection of items assembled in advance and given to guests upon their arrival. The purpose of a welcome kit is to make guests feel comfortable and welcomed, as well as to provide them with information about the wedding and its activities.

Welcome kits can be tailored to the specific theme or style of the wedding, but should always include essential items such as a schedule of events, contact information for the wedding party, maps and directions, and any other important information. Additionally, many couples choose to include a few fun items in their welcome kits as well, such as local snacks or souvenirs.


Materials Needed

To put together the perfect wedding welcome bag, you’ll need the following materials:

-A sturdy bag or box to hold all of the items
-A welcome letter or card from the bride and groom
-A map of the area, including important locations like the ceremony and reception venues, hotels, and restaurants
-A list of local attractions and activities
– Coupons or discounts for local businesses
-Local snacks and drinks
-Personalized gifts for each guest


What To Put In

Your wedding welcome bag should be packed with everything your guests need to make the most of their time at your destination wedding. Here are some must-have items to include:

-A map of the area, including any important landmarks or attractions

-A list of local restaurants and bars

-A list of recommended activities for guests to enjoy during their stay

-A itinerary for the wedding weekend, including times and locations for all events

-A welcome note from the bride and groom, thanking guests for attending and offering any helpful tips or advice


Packaging Ideas

Your wedding welcome bags are a key part of your guest experience, and they should be filled with items that will make your guests feel comfortable and excited about your big day.

There are a few key things to keep in mind when choosing what to put in your wedding welcome bags. First, think about the location of your wedding. If you’re getting married in a warm climate, like the one in Greece during summer,  you’ll want to include items like sunscreen.

Second, think about the activities you have planned for your guests. If you have any special events or activities planned, be sure to include information about those in your wedding welcome bags. You’ll also want to include items that will help your guests enjoy these activities, such as maps or tickets.

Third, think about the overall theme or style of your wedding. Your welcome bag content should reflect the overall tone of your big day. If you’re having a casual beach ceremony, for example, you might want to include items like flip-flops and beach towels. If you’re having a formal black-tie affair, on the other hand, you might want to include items like cocktail napkins and champagne flutes.

No matter what style or theme you choose for your wedding, always remember there are essential items that every welcome bag should include.


How To Give Your Welcome Bag Away

When it comes to wedding welcome bags, there are a few different ways to distribute them. If you’re having a destination wedding, the most common way to give your guests their welcome bag is at the hotel check-in. This way, your guests can grab their bags and head to their rooms without having to worry about lugging them around all day.

If you’re not using hotel rooms, another option is to have someone hand out the welcome bags as guests arrive at the ceremony or reception. This way, your guests don’t have to worry about carrying them around all day.

No matter how you choose to distribute your welcome bags, be sure to include a note inside each one thanking your guests for coming and wishing them a happy stay!


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