Summer Destination Wedding

Summer Destination Wedding on Greek islands

Reasons You Should Have Your Summer Destination Wedding in Greece

Nothing beats saying your ‘I do’s under the romantic sunsets in the beautiful blue sandy beaches in Greece. And it’s not just the sunsets that you are going to fall for, Greece is a paradise full of many gems that are yet to be explored. Its islands, having been ranked as the most beautiful islands in the world by CNN and The Culture-Trip, make the ideal wedding destinations.


Santorini, Mykonos, Rhodes, Sifnos, Corfu, Crete, and Naxos are just but some of the most popular islands in Greece. All of which are home to stunning private beaches and boutique hotels that can be used as reception venues for your summer wedding. Greece, as a country, it’s picture-perfect. The fantastic backdrops will ensure the capture of fascinating wedding photographs.


But out of the many beautiful places in the world, why is Greece the best summer wedding destination?


Picturesque Sceneries


There is no argument that the Greek environment is simply stunning. The Cycladic cliff tops, white-washed houses/hotels, deep blue skies, sandy beaches, and golden sunsets all combine to make picturesque sceneries. With a professional wedding photographer in Greece, you can take unforgettable summer wedding pictures in this heavenly environment.


Peaceful and Fun Atmosphere


The Greek culture is a peaceful one and so are the locals here. All these contribute to a peaceful and fun atmosphere that will make your wedding lively and exciting. From the minute you step into one of the islands here, you will experience a sense of calmness that will last till your time of departure. This atmosphere puts you and your summer wedding guests in the mood to dance and make merry.


The Food is Amazing


If you look up Greek Weddings online then you will realize that no one ever goes home hungry after attending one. Preparing and eating delicious foods is part of Greek culture. And if you want to experience the perfect destination wedding, the locals here can help choose and prepare food for you. Traditional dishes will ensure your family and friends enjoy themselves to the fullest. Also, with the assistance of a wedding photographer in Greece, you can document photos of the special meals that were prepared for you on your wedding day.


The Deep Blue Sea


Everything in Greece is to die for. The deep blue seas won’t only make a beautiful background for your wedding photos but will make your wedding more memorable. You can choose one of the private beaches as a reception for your wedding. And later on, you and your guests can go swimming or basking at the beach and take beautiful photos on the pristine sand.


Religion isn’t a Problem Here


Finally, the reason why Greece is the perfect wedding destination is religion isn’t a problem here. Although it is mandatory for you to be a Greek Orthodox in order to get married at the scenic churches, you can still have your own wedding elsewhere in the islands. And only visit there for the pictures.  The people here are very open-minded when it comes to religion and no one will question your beliefs.


If you were stuck in the hunt for the perfect wedding destination, then you should consider one of the beautiful islands in Greece. The place is beautiful, the food is amazing, the locals are friendly, and the environment is picturesque.


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