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Steps to Plan Your Destination Wedding in Greece

Greek islands remain to be the most magical wedding destinations in the world. The picturesque vineyards, whitewashed chapels surrounded by gorgeous sandy beaches guarantee a ceremony that will be celebrated and remembered for the rest of your lives.

However, as fascinating as it is to have a destination wedding in Greece, there are a lot of things that are involved in the planning of the ceremony. With plenty of locations, suppliers, vendors, and legal aspects to indulge in, one needs to have a solid plan so that their big day can be a success.

Are you a couple from the UK, US, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, or any other part of the world and are considering having a destination wedding in Greece? Well, here is how you can plan an unforgettable ceremony.

1. Find the Perfect Location

Before you can even start shopping for wedding attire, you must have a wedding venue in mind. Greece is a popular tourist destination and as a result, there are hundreds of locations for you to choose from. To kick start your search, you can explore the following Greek Islands; Naxos, Paros, Antiparos, Crete, Rhodes, Corfu, Sifnos, Santorini, Mykonos. There are plenty of pictures online that will help determine which island suits you the most.

2. Make Arrangements as Early as Possible

The atmosphere in Greece is a bit relaxed, unlike in the US, UK, or other parts of the world. Therefore, things take more time than usual. This is why you should start making plans as soon as you decide to have a destination wedding in Greece. For instance, once you settle on a venue, make plans on how you can book it. Secondly, if you are traveling with guests from abroad, send wedding invitation cards in advance. As a result, your guests can have enough time to book flights and hotels.

3. Brace Yourself and Your Guests for the Sun

Planning on a summer wedding in Greece? Prepare yourself and your guests for the sun. The temperatures during summer can get quite hot during the day. As you plan on the venue, ensure you choose a time that will be convenient. A late afternoon works in the favor of most people.

Don’t forget to dress the part. If it’s a summer wedding, the attire should be light. You don’t have to deviate from your theme, all you have to do is ask your designer to come up with comfy designs for a summer wedding in Greece. Pay keen attention to the fabric.

4. Finally, Hire a Greek Wedding Photographer to Document this Special Moment

As you wrap up your plans for a destination wedding in Greece, you must finalize by hiring a skilled wedding photographer. You definitely won’t forget that you got married in Greece but you may forget the small special memories that you shared with your loved ones. As a Greek pro photographer, I do specialize in destination weddings in Greece, all over the Greek islands, and can guide you to amazing locations under the proper natural daylight. I will capture quality images that will keep your priceless memories alive. You will always have something to look back to fondly when you finally get home.

Getting married is a day we all look forward to with a lot of excitement. However, tying the knot in Greece makes this special day unique and unforgettable. With the above tips, planning your destination wedding will be quite easy and stress-free. Whether you decide to plan it yourself or hire a local Greece wedding planner, having a wedding on the Greek islands is a beautiful way to start a new chapter in your lives.

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