My mother comes from Rhodes, my father comes from Naxos, .. a bit overwhelmed from Athen’s city life was hard to decide where to move, in 2002. And the decision was made, I had chosen Rhodes, as my current base, for many reasons.

“Rhodes combines cosmopolitan vibes with medieval architecture in a unique way!
The natural landscape, imposing buildings, ancient towns, and picturesque villages meet amazing beaches, fashion boutiques, top restaurants, and dance clubs. No wonder why Rhodes Greece never fails to surprise travelers from all over the world!

The most important monument of the island is Rhodes Old Town. Rhodes Old Town is a Unesco World Heritage Site and one of the best-preserved medieval towns in Europe, attracting millions of visitors every year! Stroll around the paved alleys, visit the Venetian Castle, the Street of the Knights, and the Palace of the Grand Master. The atmosphere will captivate you!

Visit the imposing Acropolis of Lindos, the Valley of butterflies, the monastery of Filerimos, do water sports and Rhodes tours. The adventure never stops on the island!”

source: www.greeka.com

What I love most is that Rhodes can offer a big diversity as of a city life although living on an island.

Delicious vegan dishes as Soul Kitchen, a healthy food lab; luxury full-day relaxation at Ronda or Santa Marina; fresh fish as at Kozas, astronomy nights at Astronomy cafe and hotel at Faliraki; bohemian, laid back, days at Mojito beach bar; dinner and chat at the elegant and colorful Marco Polo in the Old Town; rejuvenation at the spa at Caesar’s Gardens hotel and spa in Lindos; special cocktails at Last Buttler,  and many other alternative options.

Moreover, the amazing seasides as Elli, Afandou, Antony Quinn, Lindos, Lachania are just a few among the many ones on this island.



Are you planning your destination wedding on Rhodes?


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