Pylos Wedding

Pylos Wedding

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An amazing destination wedding with a lovely couple from UK. As featured at Grace Ormonde wedding style magazine and real weddings blog.

venues: Costa NavarinoAmmothines

wedding planner: Exclusive wedding tales

second shooter: Michael Pappas



Pylos, Greece


Kathryn & Al

Pylos has a long history, being inhabited since Neolithic times. It was a significant kingdom in Mycenean Greece, with remains of the so-called “Palace of Nestor” excavated nearby, named after Nestor, the king of Pylos inHomer‘s Iliad. In Classical times, the site was uninhabited, but became the site of the Battle of Pylos in 425 BC, during the Peloponnesian War. Pylos is scarcely mentioned thereafter until the 13th century, when it became part of theFrankish Principality of Achaea.

Pylos is a small picturesque seaside town, located in the southwest of Messinia. It is 52 km from the city of Kalamata and has about 2.500 residents. Pylos is built amphitheatrical in the southern opening of the bay of Navarino, where the historic battle took place, and is defined by the Isle Sfaktiria.

Pylos is the largest natural harbor in Peloponnese and simultaneously one of the most interesting tourist destinations of Messinia, thanks to the glorious history and rich natural beauty of the area.

The naval battle of Navarino between the Allied and Turkish fleet held on October 20, 1827, was a historic victory that contributed to the liberation of Greece from the Turkish yoke.

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