Destination weddings

and elopements

in Greece and Cyprus

a short collection of my work in wedding photography

“Life is a collection of memories. Why not make one of those great memories for today?”

W.O. Cassity

My portfolio: Photojournalism at a wedding

Wedding photojournalism is the capture of moments without the photographer’s intervention. The observer is a wedding photojournalist. A wedding photojournalist captures natural moments without setting them up, giving customers instructions, or orchestrating the scene.

Photojournalistic wedding photography tells the story of your wedding day in an unscripted and undirected way. True wedding photojournalists maintain an inconspicuous presence, allowing them to capture spontaneous moments without interfering with or changing the situation. The effect of a photojournalist on a photograph is restricted to their timing, range of view, and camera exposure settings. Wedding photography necessitates a high level of excitement, focus, originality, and rapid thinking.

The end result captures the essence of your wedding day, your love and unity, and the great cast of personalities who make up your family and close friends.

Unlike common opinion, most photojournalistic wedding photographers are happy to satisfy also some formal and group portrait demands. I always advise couples to set aside 10-15 minutes for posed family shots, for example. This ensures that everyone, like friends and relatives, gets photographed at some point.

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