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6 Steps to a More Photogenic Wedding

Work hand in hand with your wedding photographer so that you can bring the best out of your wedding photos.


Long after the event is over, your wedding photos will serve as a memoir of this special day in your life. This is why you need to put in extra effort to make your wedding more photogenic. But how can you do this? Well, it all starts with your wedding plan. Yes, you might be under pressure to make your wedding as beautiful and perfect as those you see on the internet. But, this is a special occasion and should only consist of things that matter to you, your partner, and the guests. Therefore there is no need to go overboard or break your bank.

Although it is the responsibility of your wedding photographer to create beautiful images, there are several ways on how you can help make it easier for them. Below is the ultimate wedding plan checklist that will help make your wedding more photogenic.


1. Bridal Preparation

During bridal preparation, you will need to consider clothing, hair, and even makeup that is more photogenic. For instance, some cosmetic makeup can give you a picture-perfect look. It is essential for you to make your makeup work for you.

Choose your bridal makeup wisely. Working with a professional artist can offer you photogenic makeup tips that you can use in your ceremony. The clothing and shoes should also be a perfect match. Give them a try before your special day and see how you will look like in them.

The hairstyle you choose is as important as your makeup. You need to pick a hairstyle that keeps hair off your face, especially if your reception will be outdoors. It is always a good idea to have a makeup and hair trial before the event. You should never wait until your wedding day to see how your makeup or hair will turn out to be.


2. Venue and Décor

The venue contributes immensely to having a photogenic wedding. A destination wedding can help add beauty, elegance, and uniqueness in your photos. For instance, having a wedding in Greece, the pristine sandy beaches, and Greek Cycladic villas adds ambiance and visual interest to your photos. Choosing the perfect venue isn’t enough. You will also have to do some decorations. For you to bring the best out of your wedding, the décor needs to match the theme of your wedding. Be it flowers, aisle runners, or seating markers. The décor should be breath-taking and elegant with the guidance of your wedding planner.

3. Food and Cake

Contrary to most people’s opinion, food and cake play a vital role in making your wedding more photogenic. Well prepared and served delicacies are some of the smaller details that can make your wedding photos stand out. Therefore, take time to hire the best cooks and choose tasty recipes. When choosing a wedding cake, feel free to consult on social media and always bring your partner along.


4. Catch Your Photographer up to Speed with The Order of Events

If you are interested in making your wedding more photogenic, then you should be on one page with your photographer. This refers to catching her to speed with the order of events through a detailed timetable. If you have a wedding planner, you should ensure the two meet up and clarifies on what people will be doing at certain times. This helps a photographer know which angles to capture. It also helps her know which guests to focus on, such as parents, siblings, and best friends. Check also:

5. Lighting

When preparing your reception, you need to highly consider the lighting. Lighting doesn’t only set a beautiful mood, but it is essential in the capture of good photographs. Outdoor weddings have access to natural light. Therefore you have got nothing to worry about. But if it is indoors, ask your photographer for advice on how to light up your reception. You don’t have to use bright blinding light, ..candles, chandeliers, and strung lights are sufficient. Check:

6. Smile and Enjoy

Smile, real and bright smiles are photogenic.  The last and most important thing you need to do is to relax and enjoy yourself. Remember that a wedding is a once in a lifetime event, and so is your wedding photoshoot. Therefore, be yourself and live your Big day.


Although my documentary photography style is discreet observation, if you are nervous about being in front of a camera, or if it is going to be your first-time you can consider having an engagement portrait session with your partner before the wedding. Being photographed takes some getting used to, and an engagement shoot can adequately prepare you for this.


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