This summer was a really special one because our island-hopping-travel photography started with the amazing Milos.

It is one of the most exotic and laid-back Greek islands in Greece. Sitting in the heart of the Aegean Sea, overlooking the Cyclades archipelago, Milos has enchanted many with its unpretentious charm. Standing out for its majestic ambiance, rich history, picturesque fishing villages, amazing food, and indigo bays, Milos island in Greece is a timeless Cycladic gem that will steal your breath with its enchanting beauty. The variety of landscapes is unreal- you’ll see nothing twice, and there’s always something new to discover. Being home to the Venus of Milo statue, which was discovered on the island, and the stunning Sarakiniko beach, its beauty is expressed in many ways.


History of Milos

This enticing island is particularly famous for the Venus de Milo (Venus of Milos) statue, which was discovered in Milos in 1820. The stunning statue is now on display at the Louvre Museum in Paris, where thousands of visitors stand in awe in front of its beauty.



The beaches are iconic, especially the gorgeous Sarakiniko beach. The beach boasts a lunar landscape, consisting of volcanic gleaming white rock formations and crystal-clear turquoise waters. Whether you choose to explore its sea caves, jump off the cliffs or doze under the sun on a beach towel, you’ll remember the enchanting atmosphere of this beach forever. Kleftiko is another wildly popular sightseeing site. Boasting towering rock formations and emerald waters, this former pirate hideaway is now the imposing trademark of the island. Apart from Sarakiniko and Kleftiko though, Milos has over 40 beautiful exotic beaches worth visiting.



The hidden gems are its colorful fishing villages! In these picturesque villages, you’ll find little whitewashed houses with colorful shutters and boat garages, where fishermen park their colorful little boats. Pop over to the villages of Klima and Firopotamos and pretend for a while that you have traveled back in time.

It welcomes everyone, but it is particularly popular with couples, who find the serene natural landscape of Milos the perfect setting for their romantic holidays. Indeed, the numerous caves, mysterious catacombs, and emerald beaches squeeze enough charm to bewitch any traveler.

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