madame shoushou

2019 spring season started with an inspiring project. I had been a big fan of Madame shoushou since its beginning, so the proposal to take over the 3 days fashion shooting project in Rhodes was a precious one!

Madame shoushou is a fashion brand founded in 2011 and based in Athens, Greece.

Their clothes combine the elegant design with the creative combination of delicate patterned fabrics. The collections include genuine and attentive to detail everyday pieces, swimwear and also bridal & tailor-made dresses for the woman who still feels like a girl. Madame shoushou is a brand that aims to the woman that seizes the day and lives her life with passion, spontaneity, and romance. The woman who loves long walks in the sand barefoot, sleeping on the beach, reading a book… ” (..that’s me)

“Every madame shoushou collection is inspired by life itself and every day’s magic.

Elina Kordali, the owner and designer of madame shoushou studied fashion design at the institute Marangoni in Milan. Following her time in Milan and influenced by the importance of fashion and Art in modern culture, she continued her fashion journey in Barcelona where she studied styling at IED University.”

The spring-summer 2019 collection consists of:

  • swimwear
  • blazer
  • jumpsuits
  • long dresses
  • short dresses
  • skirts
  • tops
  • trousers & shorts

& bridal dresses


  • Christina Kydonidi

Styling and art direction by:


  • Maro Kokoropoulou


Casa Cook Rhodes

Eleousa Sanatorium

Rodiaki epavli

Medieval town

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