Kimolos is a small jewel next to Milos. A small picturesque paradise surrounded by amazing beaches.

Kimolos is a beautiful little island of the Cyclades, located next to Milos. Although it sits next to one of the most popular Greek islands, Milos manages to keep its unspoiled charm. Famous for its amazing beaches, crystal clear waters, and picturesque architecture, it is shaping up to be one of the hottest alternative destinations in Greece.


Regarding the beaches, there is a beautiful beach close to the port, but you can find many enticing beaches around the island that can be reached either on foot or by boat. Kimolos beaches are arguably the gems of the island. Prassa, Aliki, Agios Georgios, and Kalamitsi are the best beaches on the island. Aliki and Kalamitsi lie on the southern side of the island, while Agios Georgios lies on the northern side. For a plunge near Chora, the beaches that stretch around the island’s port, such as Psathi, are perfect options.

Thanks to its close distance to Milos, Kimolos is a great base for island hopping. There are daily ferries.



Chorio, the only village and capital of the island, is the center of activities. There, you’ll find many hotels, restaurants, traditional taverns, studios, and all kinds of facilities. Thanks to its proximity to the port and the fact that it is touristically developed, Chorio is considered the best place to stay in. Chorio is a quaint settlement that stretches around the island’s port. You’ll find many hotels, restaurants, shops, and tourist facilities.

Kimolos is one of the most picturesque islands of the Cyclades island chain. Its peaceful atmosphere and natural landscape make it a great destination for relaxing holidays away from the hustle and bustle of tourism. Given that tourism has yet to gasp itself upon the island, Kimolos is the perfect destination to get away from it all for a few days (or months).


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