How To Make The Perfect Wedding Guest List

How to Make the Perfect Wedding Guest List

We often think about to-dos and activities we need to complete before our wedding day. And while finding out your perfect match is high on the list, you should also think of how it will affect the guests that celebrate with you. In this post, find out tips for making the perfect wedding guest listguest etiquette,  and the benefits of a large guest list.


50 People You Can Never Forget on your Wedding Guest List

1. Your parents: They’ll be there for you through everything, so, of course, you want them at your wedding!

2. Your grandparents: These are the people who have known you since you were born and have seen you grow up. They’ll be so proud to see you get married.

3. Your best friend: You’ve been through thick and thin together, and they’ll be thrilled to be by your side on your big day.

4. Your Maid of Honor/Best Man: This person is essentially your wedding co-pilot and will help you with everything from picking out your dress to giving a toast at the reception. They’re a must-have on your guest list!

5. Your siblings: They may drive you crazy sometimes, but they’re family and you love them. Plus, they’ll be happy to help out with any wedding planning tasks you need assistance with.

6. The rest of your bridal party: These are the friends or family members who you’ve chosen to stand up with you on your big day. They’ve been there for the engagement and all the pre-wedding festivities, so of course they need to be there for the main event!

7. Out-of-town guests: If you have friends or family members who live far away.



Other Visions of the Guest List and Etiquette

There are many different ways to go about making your wedding guest list and etiquette. Some couples may choose to have a more traditional approach while others may want to be more unique. It is important to sit down with your partner and decide what you both want before starting to add people to your list.

Here are a few things to consider when making your guest list:

– Who do you absolutely need to invite? This may include immediate family, close friends, and anyone who has helped with the wedding planning.
– How many people can you realistically afford to invite? This includes considering the cost of food, drinks, invitations, venue, etc.
– What kind of atmosphere do you want at your wedding? A large guest list may mean that your wedding is more lively, while a smaller guest list may create a more intimate setting.
– Do you have any guests that you would prefer not to invite but feel obligated to? This is common with extended family or friends that you haven’t seen in a while. It’s okay to draw the line somewhere and only invite those who you truly want at your wedding.

Once you have an idea of who you want to invite, it’s time to start working on the etiquette, keep in mind:

– Make sure all of your guests are on the same page regarding expectations. This means going over things like dress codes, how formal the event will be, if there will be dancing, etc.



List Length, Quantity, Proportion, Timing

The average wedding guest list is between 100 and 250 people, but the number of guests you invite will ultimately depend on your budget, venue size, and the number of people you and your partner are comfortable hosting. Once you have a figure in mind, it’s time to start narrowing down your list.

Start by making a master list of everyone you and your partner would like to invite to the wedding. Then, begin grouping people into categories based on relationships (family, close friends, acquaintances, etc.). From there, you can start cutting down your list based on factors like budget, venue capacity, and who you think will be able to attend the wedding (logistics like distance and timing can play a big role in this).

It’s also important to consider the ratio of men to women when making your guest list. You’ll want to avoid having too many or too few guests of either gender, as this can make things feel off-balance or uncomfortable for everyone involved. A good rule of thumb is to keep your guest list evenly split between men and women (or as close to even as possible).

Finally, take a look at the timing of your wedding when making your guest list. If you’re getting married during peak wedding season (spring/summer), chances are many of your guests will already have weddings or other events planned for that time period. This means they may not be able to attend yours – so it’s important to consider who might manage to be there.


How To Choose Exceptional Guests

When it comes to choosing who to invite to your wedding, it’s important to carefully consider each and every person on your list. After all, these are the people who will be sharing in one of the most important days of your life!

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you compile your guest list:

1. Consider who is important to you and your fiance. This is probably the most important criterion for choosing guests. After all, this is YOUR day and you should only invite those who are truly special to you.

2. Keep an eye on the numbers. If you’re planning a small, intimate wedding, then you won’t want to invite too many guests. On the other hand, if you’re envisioning a large celebration, then you’ll need to make sure you have enough room for everyone on your list.

3. Think about logistics. When it comes to wedding planning, location is everything! If most of your guests live out of town, then you’ll need to think about travel arrangements and accommodations.

4. Take the budget into account. Let’s face it – weddings can be expensive! If you’re working on a tight budget, then you may need to be more selective with your guest list.

5. Be mindful of plus-ones. If you’re inviting married friends or those in serious relationships, then they may expect to bring a date along with them. Make sure you’re prepared for this by considering.


Last but not least, Facebook and Social Media

Nowadays, it’s impossible to have a big wedding without somebody posting about it on social media. It’s become customary for guests to take pictures and videos of the bride and groom and share them online, so you need to be prepared for that.

There are a few things you can do to make sure your wedding is “Facebook” (and Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc.) friendly:

1. Make sure your wedding hashtag is visible everywhere. Put it on signs around the venue, on the programs, and even on the cake! This way, when guests post about your big day, you can easily find and curate all of the content in one place.

2. Encourage guests to tag themselves in photos. This way, even if they don’t use your hashtag, you can still find all of the photos they took and shared.

3. Set up a photo booth with props that relate to your hashtag or theme. This is a great way to get everyone in on the fun and generate some great content for social media. Plus, it’s a great keepsake for you and your partner.


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