How to Decorate Your Summer Wedding in Greece

Tips on how to Decorate Your Summer Wedding in Greece


We all know that summer is the best season for weddings. However, picture tying the knot at the Greek Islands? This is a dream come true for every bride and groom. With the sun shining on your beautiful faces and a breeze blowing from the nearby sandy beaches, this is enough to make you want that moment to last forever. But before we get lost in the thoughts of how memorable your destination wedding is going to be. Have you figured out how you will decorate your summer wedding?


Whether it’s an elopement or a micro wedding in Greece, decorating a summer wedding needs lots of creativity. And even though you may hire a wedding planner to take care of that, it is crucial that you be actively involved. As this pours your personality into the entire celebration. To help you with the decorations, here are some ideas you can use.


  1. Summer Florals


What’s a wedding without flowers? Flowers bring a wedding venue to life. They color the environment and give off a fresh scent. There are summer wedding flowers like green roses, hydrangeas, and geraniums that can withstand heat. Those of you planning indoor weddings, you are in luck because you will have more flower choices, as it won’t be that hot on the inside. Outdoor weddings especially those being hosted at the beach, palm and banana leaves make an excellent decoration.


  1. Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars


It’s summer and you are in Greece. Don’t hesitate when it comes to using lights as wedding décor. Most venues in Greece allow fireworks. This will be a very entertaining way to mark the beginning of a new chapter. Also, you can hang twinkly string lights around the venue. These will create a romantic ambiance and make the destination perfect for photography.


  1. Ceremony Backdrops


Though often overlooked, ceremony backdrops contribute immensely to decorating a wedding venue. Even if it’s a simple structure with draping ribbons and fabrics, it will make the space look elegant and more personal. Feel free to be as creative as you want when designing backdrops.


  1. Paper Crafts


Paper décor and summer weddings always go hand in hand. This isn’t only a cost-effective way of decorating your wedding venue but it also allows room for personalization. You can always buy ready-made paper décor. Or even better, DIY.


  1. Hanging Décor


Not unless you plan on having a simple and laid-back wedding, hanging pieces can transform your venue. There are so many things you can hang; books, frames, paper crafts, flowers, lights, and even glass bottles. Hanging décor is an art that gives your venue that extra spice. Make sure you use strong ropes. Remember, we are all here to celebrate and not deal with falling skies.


  1. Balloons


Balloons especially if tied with a ribbon or string can make your event very colorful. Make sure that you pick colors that blend exactly with your theme. Balloons can be hung on the entrance, at table centers, or anywhere you find appropriate.


  1. A Flower Wall


For a summer wedding that is being hosted in Greece, it definitely should be ‘Instagram able. And will a flower wall make this possible? Of course. Flower walls do more than decorate your venue, they draw the attention of guests. And are a great place for all of you to take photos. A flower can be decorated with simple artifacts.


  1. Colorful Candles


Summer weddings were meant to be colorful, and that’s why candles have to be part of your decoration. These colorful candles can be placed on tables or used as centerpieces.


With these warm-weather-friendly and eco décor ideas, you can be assured of hosting the best summer wedding. Before I sign out, Greece is a beautiful place and so are its venues. Therefore, don’t overwork yourself with the decorations, choose those that appeal to you. And let nature take care of the rest.


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