How to Choose Location for Destination Wedding in Greece

Choosing Location for Destination Wedding in Greece

Greece is an attractive place for any destination wedding. Think about it. Its coastal cities, Mediterranean beaches, and warm seas make it an excellent location for your wedding. Plus, Greek islands are filled with various historical landmarks that can make your big day memorable. But, choosing the right venue for any type of wedding can be overwhelming. And it’s even more challenging for a destination wedding.

There are many factors to consider when searching for an amazing location. This blog post shares some things you need to think about before deciding on a place to share your “I Dos”.


  1. Wedding Budget


Any type of wedding requires the couple to work with a budget. And it becomes even more crucial when planning for a destination wedding. While the cost of a destination wedding can be similar to that of a non-destination one, you’ll have additional expenses like travel and hotel costs. Your budget will determine the location of your destination wedding. Coming from abroad like the US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Australia, Japan, etc, you’ll have to include the cost of air travel in your budget.


Also, note that the budget could be higher depending on whether you are visiting during the peak season May-August. Additionally, the venue you pick will be influenced by how much you’re willing to spend at your destination. For instance, if you’re thinking of an exclusive beachfront private villa, you will have to increase your wedding budget.


  1. Guest List


The number of people you invite to your destination wedding also affects which location you’ll choose. It’s essential that you estimate the final number of guests as close as you can. It might not make sense to ask over 200 guests to travel to a far location, no matter how awesome it is. But, with 30 to 70 guests, traveling won’t be that difficult so you’ll have more flexibility to choose a location you desire. Moreover, not all your guests may have a passport or may be willing to apply for one, which could impact the number of people who show up. So plan carefully your guest list and keep in mind that micro wedding and elopements are the new trends.


  1. Scenery and Climate


As earlier said, Greece has many sceneries to offer. You can opt for mountains or beachfront sceneries or choose between tropical or dry landscapes for your wedding. The scenery and climate inspire the location you choose for your big day. If getting married where there are seashells and sunshine is your dream, you can choose among the various Greek islands that there are. As the very green Ionian islands. The wild beauty of Cyclades. The amazing Dodecanese and Crete. Magical N. Sporades. And the list of islands of destination weddings is endless.


Additionally, I encourage you to think outside the box. Although many people think of beach weddings as the best type of destination wedding, that isn’t always the case. You could get married in a secluded mountain as on Karpathos, a rooftop lounge with a view of a bustling city like Athens, a private vineyard, or wherever place your heart desires. Also, note that seasonality will significantly impact your wedding day. For instance, some venues can be affected by rainy seasons. And the summer season could be extra hot and humid. But, thankfully Greece is among the places that have enjoyable sunny weather year-round, especially Rhodes. So, the season might not affect your destination wedding plans that much.


  1. Ceremony Logistics


Sure hanging out with your family and friends at the beach or swimming during the sunset is exciting. However, don’t forget the main reason you visited Greece is to get married. Therefore, envision the type of ceremony you want to help you narrow your destination choices. Decide whether you want a religious or a legal ceremony and make sure that it meets the marriage requirements for the type of wedding you choose. Religion isn’t a problem here. Although it is mandatory for you to be a Greek Orthodox in order to get married at the scenic churches, you can still have your own wedding on the islands.


Final Thoughts


These tips can help you choose the perfect location for your destination wedding. However, couples should also consider their honeymoon. If you’ll spend it at your destination wedding location, this would be a great option. Island hopping in Greece will make your honeymoon an unforgettable experience.


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