How Important are Wedding Photo Albums?

5 Reasons to get Wedding albums

How Important are Wedding Photo Albums?

Even though nearly everything went digital a couple of years ago, there are some things such as wedding photographs that are too valuable to be stored only on social media platforms. Yes, it’s true that sharing your wedding photos on Facebook, Instagram and other platforms is fun and trendy. But, unfortunately, it may never last. There is nothing that beats the feeling of reliving your wedding story and special memories in an album.


For most of us, weddings are one of the most important moments in our lives. And because of that, we worked so hard in finding the best venue, and wedding dress, and even hired the best wedding photographer. However, photo albums often don’t find themselves on this list. The reason for this is that most couples aren’t aware of the importance of a wedding photo album.


A wedding photo album will do more than showcase and store cherished photos of your wedding ceremony. It’s one of the unique ways to store your memories for the longest time possible. Here are 5 reasons why wedding photo albums are important to have.


  1. Wedding Albums Tell Your Story


Documentary wedding photography has become quite popular because everyone wants their wedding to tell a story of its own. If you are considering a documentary type of wedding photography then an album is a must-have.


Wedding albums are similar to storybooks. You can arrange your pictures from the beginning to the end. And in the midst of your family, friends, or those who couldn’t make it to the wedding, you can go through your ‘storybook’ and relive every moment. Unlike framed photos that only showcase one specific moment, wedding albums tell the entire story.


  1. They Preserve Memories for the Longest Time


There is one thing that characterizes weddings, timeless memories. The best way to preserve these memories is by capturing them in photos and storing them in albums. As unique and precious as every wedding is, keeping all the little beautiful moments in your mind forever is impossible. After a while, you find yourself overwhelmed with other life responsibilities such as raising kids, working, and investing.


This is where the importance of an album manifests itself. They preserve these memories and whenever you open your album, you will be reminded of the glorious occasions that happened on your special day. And even though there exist digital albums, electronic media is prone to be deleted or get corrupted. Wedding photo albums are unique because they preserve memories for the longest time possible.


  1. Technology is Always Changing


Not that I am against digital storage of wedding photos, after all, it is the means of storage that I use. But, for couples, you need to know that technology is always changing. A good example is if you had saved your wedding pictures on a VHS tape or floppy disk, these days, it can be impossible for you to access this content. CDs, DVDs, and Hard Disks are also not that reliable because they too can be easily damaged.


As you can see the newer storage options have their fair share of disadvantages. But, a wedding album won’t break if it falls down. You won’t wake up tomorrow morning to find it hard to access the pictures in your album as it is with VHS tapes. Nonetheless, I strongly advocate for my clients to invest in a high-quality, durable, and long-lasting album.


  1. The Perfect Family Heirloom to Pass to Future Generations


Decades later, you will want to show your kids and grandkids how fun your wedding celebration was. A wedding photo album can make this possible. And it can be passed down to from one generation to another making it the best family heirloom.


  1. A Wide Range of Personalization Options


Another advantage of wedding albums is that they have lots of personalization options. And with this, you can customize the entire album to portray a certain style, persona, and vibe. As a result, whenever you will be flipping through your photos, you will experience a genuine and authentic feeling that can’t be compared to swiping through digital photos.


Wedding photo albums are simply time travel machines that preserve your wedding memories for years. As a marvelous piece of art, they are fun to look at and take you down memory lane every time you flip its pages. In a fast-paced world where time is flying so fast, they are the best visual storytellers that remind us of our best moments.



I can help you to design your wedding albums, and order as many copies as you wish, in different designs and formats. It’s all about capturing the magic and making sure it is never lost for you, or for future generations who have cause to be thankful for this day.

A beautifully curated store will be connected to your private gallery, and product reviews are populated with the photos you will engage with most. You can create beautiful products, even yourself, using photos straight from the galleries and order beautiful, bespoke products of consistent quality standards. Apart from the lay-flat albums, you can have prints, gallery boards, matted frames, thank you cards, or even magazine-style albums and much more.


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