Guest Dress Code for Destination Wedding in Greece

Guest Dress Code for Destination Wedding in Greece: what to wear to a wedding in Greece?


For those of you who are lucky enough to be invited to a destination wedding in Greece, below is a guide on the expected dress code for guests. If you have received an invitation to a destination wedding in Greece, it’s normal to feel excited. As you fantasize about watching your loved ones say their I do’s on the white sandy beaches, you need to figure out what you will wear. If this is your first time attending an elopement or wedding on a Greek island, your stress hormones are more likely to spiral out of control. This can send you on a shopping spree or rummaging through your closet.

As a Greek wedding photographer, I have attended many destination elopements. I understand the pressure guests have to undergo when looking for what to wear.

Look for Dress Code Specification in the Invitation

For most eloping weddings, the invitations do specify the dress code. Although the invitation may not dig deeper into the dress code, terms such as Cocktail, Casual, Beach Formal, White Tie, or Black Tie may suggest ideal outfits for guests.

You need to pay attention to these terms and know what they imply. For instance, the invite can request a cocktail dress code which refers to knee-length dresses complemented by heels. Should the invitation suggest a formal beach dress code, the gents should wear linen summer suits since they are breathable and light. The ladies can wear formal sundresses and flat shoes.

Since most eloping weddings are done next to the sea, the dress code often revolves around summery, light, and airy attire. If your attire ticks all these three boxes, you are assured of having a great time as a guest.

The dress code for most of these weddings will either be cocktail or beach formal. Rarely will you find guests being asked to wear tuxedos, suits, and heavy gowns. Be as it may, you need to pay close attention to the requirements of the wedding invitation.


Dress Code – Casually

Greek elopement weddings hosted outdoors often don’t require a formal dress code. The invitation may ask you to put on something casual. This gives you a lot of room to choose what to wear. For the men, a polo shirt and linen trousers could do. And for the ladies, you can pick your favorite casual dress. If your vows are being exchanged at the beach, make sure you wear decent sandals and not the usual beach flip-flops. If the ceremony takes place in the church, then stick to a slightly more formal look.


Be Mindful of the Surroundings

Assuming your bride and groom have opted for a Santorini elopement wedding, they will either do it at a resort or at the beach. If you are going to be under the sun for a while, you need to dress the part. For ladies, a short-sleeved and lightweight floral dress should look great and ensure you don’t sweat all afternoon long. Carry a scarf with you because it will get chilly at night. A linen suit should be breathable enough for a summer wedding in Greece for men.


Avoid Going All Black

Unless you are a photographer, wearing all black to a Greek elopement wedding will result in murmurs whenever you pass by other guests. Avoid going all black. If you must, introduce a splash of color to neutralize the look. Beach weddings can get pretty hot, which gets worse wearing black.


Keep Off White As Well

It’s the bride’s day. You, therefore, shouldn’t be stealing all the attention. Nowadays, brides rock a lot of colors, but white gowns remain the go-to choice. You are better off wearing a cocktail dress with some color. As for the men, they wear something different from the groom’s attire.


Weddings are a special event. If the bride and groom were courteous enough to invite you to their elopement, dressing appropriately is the best way to show appreciation.

Many photographers in Greece will agree that the dress code for eloping weddings here isn’t very strict. But that doesn’t mean you should wear anything. It’s advisable to carry several, light and elegant attires, this way, you can have multiple choices. It would be best to stick to lighter colors except for white. The goal here should be to wear something that will make you stand out in wedding photos but not the center of attention.

Moreover, the goal is to feel comfortable and enjoy the experience of a summer wedding in Greece to the maximum!


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