Greek Wedding Dress by madame shoushou

Greek wedding dress by madame shoushou

Regardless of the theme of your marriage, you will find a Greek wedding dress to fit you perfectly.

We love wedding dresses and as we know every girl dreams of her Big Day and desires to be the most beautiful bride ever seen. With so many designs in the market, it is hard to choose an exceptional one. A Greek bridal dress is one of the evergreen designs for brides planning for a stylish wedding. They are a combination of sophistication and creativity available in a wide range of designs something that is valuable for wedding photography in Greece. Greek bridal dresses are seasonal just like other fashion trends. It is always good to ask your designer to advise you on the latest trends. However, some designs are evergreen and adaptable; therefore, they only need a little change to give them some balance between trendy and timeless. I personally love beach wedding dresses!

The wedding dresses combine the elegance of romantic design with the use of lace and beautiful, feminine elements. some of the unique.


  • Off-The-Shoulder

The off-the-shoulder bridal dress has sleeves falling off your shoulder. The Greek-inspired dresses have a romantic and beautiful lace style to give the bride a stunning look. This style is sensual and classy; any bride will be delightful in it while still maintaining a refined look.

At madame shoushou, there is a wide range of dresses under this category. So, you simply request them to customize an off-the-shoulder dress for you with straps or any other design.


  • Detailed Sleeves with Stunning Back

Traditionally, a long-sleeved bridal dress was the ultimate female wear at a wedding for brides. The long lace sleeves are still a stunner, especially when featuring floral lace. The design is simple for this bridal dress but doesn’t take away its elegance. In fact, this classy design is not leaving fashion anytime soon.

Madame shoushou designs it with a surprising element on the back. As you walk away, the dress displays a dramatic look on the back, and you will love it on your wedding photos. Detail sleeves whether short or long are a great idea and will never disappoint because the dress fits perfectly.


  • Royal Inspired Design

The royal-inspired bridal dress is designed to hug the body with dripping silhouettes decorated with shiny crystal beads. It brightens the bride and is a perfect choice if you are looking for a chic style. Most of these gowns are tailor-made at Madame Shoushou.


  • Separates

Separates is a two-piece wedding dress that is perfect when you want to wear something against the norm. It consists of top and bottom wear, which is mostly a skirt and a pair of trousers. If you are creative, this wedding dress design is perfect for you. The dress allows you to have a number of looks to suit the day’s celebration without having to carry extra clothes.


Where to Buy a Greek Inspired Wedding Dress

Madame shoushou is your one-stop bridal shop for all wedding accessories and dresses. You can order a tailor-made or choose from the current collection. Every piece is made of a delicate fabric with beautiful patterns.


Whether your wedding dress is a beach, boho, city, or luxurious event, you will get something that will allow you to enjoy the day passionately without limitations and get amazing wedding photos! Check my photoshoot of Madame shoushou Greek Wedding dress collection 2019 included in this post.

A 3-day project all over the island of Rhodes in order to present the new collection.

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