Santa Marina

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Agia Marina beach is located on the 2nd km of Rodou- Kallithea Avenue. As you go down the stairs you will be amazed by the idyllic landscape, the view of the small bay with the sandy beach, where the restaurant - bar Santa Marina is located. Small rocks rising in the sea are completing the natural beauty of the landscape.

Santa Marina

venue in Rhodes

Santa Marina

Architecture photographers create images that are as bold and imaginative as the structures they are photographing. Architect puts so much thought, time, and energy into their designs, so it’s important that they hire a photographer who can do their designs justice.


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Santa Marina is on Rhodes. Since ancient times, Rhodes has been significant. The ancient city of Rhodes, whose construction began in 407 BC, was planned according to the city planning method created by Hippodamus of Miletus, antiquity’s best city designer. Rhodes quickly became one of the most significant seaports and trade hubs in the Eastern Mediterranean. It originally lost its old splendor when it became a province of the Roman Empire, and then the Byzantine Empire. The Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem, however, captured Rhodes in 1309. To safeguard the island, they erected powerful defenses, transforming it into an important administrative center and a vibrant international medieval metropolis. The Ottoman Turks captured Rhodes in 1523, forcing the Greeks to relocate beyond the city walls. During the Ottoman control, additional structures, mostly mosques and baths, were constructed in the Old Town.

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