Same Sex wedding in Greece

Matt and Nathan, an adorable couple, chose Rhodes for their wedding. Their body language and their speeches expressed their love to the maximum.

An Emotional and Romantic same-sex wedding on Rhodes

Same-Sex wedding in Greece

Matt and Nathan, an adorable couple, chose Rhodes for their wedding. I enjoyed our communication from the first minute of our video call up to the wedding reception party night. They aren’t ones for fancy things so their plan was a cozy event. They have chosen the wedding venue Philosophia, at Pefkous on Rhodes over the sea. It was a relaxed and enjoyable day with so much emotion!


Destination wedding

Traveling abroad to make your Same-Sex vows doesn’t need to be a difficult prospect. With these steps, it can be just as joyful and special as a destination wedding anywhere in the world.


What is Same-Sex Wedding Etiquette?

The best way to ensure that your same-sex destination wedding is both memorable and enjoyable for all involved is to adhere to proper etiquette. Below are a few key points of same-sex destination wedding etiquette to keep in mind:

1. Choose a date and location that works for everyone: One of the biggest logistical challenges of planning a destination wedding is making sure the date and location work well for all your guests. If you have friends and family coming from out of town or out of the country, try to pick a timeframe that won’t be too disruptive for their schedules.

2. Respect the local laws and customs: When getting married in a foreign country, it’s important to be aware of and respect the local laws and customs surrounding marriage. Make sure you do your research before making any decisions about your ceremony or reception so as not to offend anyone or break any laws.

3. Invite only who you truly want there: A destination wedding can be expensive, so it’s important to carefully consider who you invite. Only extend an invitation to those who you really want there – this will make everything run more smoothly and avoid hurt feelings down the road.

4. Communicate your expectations clearly: Once you’ve decided on the details of your destination wedding, make sure you communicate them clearly to all your guests. This includes everything from what they should expect at the ceremony itself to what type of clothing is a dress code.


Planning a Same-Sex Wedding

When it comes to wedding etiquette, there are a few rules that are specific to same-sex weddings. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re planning your big day:

1. Who should propose? In a traditional heterosexual wedding, it’s customary for the man to propose to the woman. But in a same-sex relationship, there’s no set rule about who should do the proposing. If you’re not sure who should pop the question, sit down and discuss it as a couple. Whoever feels most comfortable taking on this responsibility should be the one to propose.

2. Who pays for the wedding? In heterosexual weddings, it’s typically the bride’s family who pays for most of the wedding expenses. However, in same-sex weddings, there is no established tradition for who pays for what. Talk to your partner about your budget and figure out who will be responsible for paying for which aspects of the wedding.

3. What do we wear? There are no hard and fast rules about what men and women have to wear at a same-sex wedding. You can both wear formal attire, like tuxedos or gowns, or you can opt for something more casual, like matching suits or sundresses. It’s entirely up to you!



  • Barbara Chappell (Philosophia)
  • Elizabeth Cass-Kanti (wedding celebrant)
  • Mark Usher (Master of ceremony and DJ for the evening)


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In Greece, you can create a same-sex wedding ceremony that is welcoming and inclusive for everyone involved. If you’re planning your same-sex wedding in Greece, get in touch!


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