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Portraits – Landscapes

When it comes to my kids we all love traveling, having fun, and taking photos digital and film! My main concern is to build up happy childhood memories since I consider them the base of happy adulthood. Capturing the moment spontaneously keeps our memories alive and we enjoy going back in time and viewing all the photos.

To me, portraits and traveling, these projects are a combination of documentary and creative photography. Documentary photography, which is frequently employed in reporting, is a kind of photography that delivers a direct and accurate picture of people, locations, things, and events.

Documentary photography is a broad phrase that encompasses a variety of styles, but it most commonly refers to art that captures a true moment while communicating a message about the world. It is a common type of photography that is used to document events or places that are important and relevant to history and historical events, as well as everyday life.

Discovering new forms, colors, dynamic range, distortions, and maybe a mix of all of these is what creative photography is all about. You might be inspired to produce stunning visuals by using creative photography. It will assist you in progressing to the next level.


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