Mountain Villa

Villa on the mountain

of Kameiros, in Rhodes

Architectural photography

My architecture photography is focusing on Greek islands’ villas. In the last years, there are more and more contemporary buildings that follow, aesthetically, the natural surrounding.

Villa on the mountain of Kameiros

villa Russelia

Villa Russelia, a mountain villa,  is located in a quiet and private location on the west coast of Rhodes, offering the best of both worlds: a view to magnificent green hills on one side, as well as to the deep blue of the Aegean Sea on the other side.

This beautiful villa has been designed to preserve a classy and elegant style and melts beautifully with its natural environment. On the outside, guests will enjoy the spacious garden and the elegant swimming pool next to the BBQ shed, while they enjoy unrestricted views of the Aegean sea.

On the inside, original classic and modern decorating styles are combined to create a cozy, yet modern and functional living space that offers all the necessary equipment to make your stay comfortable.

Ideally placed between the traditional village of Kalavarda and the Ancient City of Kameiros, Villa Russelia is excellently interconnected with the airport and the city of Rhodes, as well as with Lindos on the east side of the island.


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