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Wedding at Lindos on Rhodes

Nestling at the foot of a steep rock and beautifully surrounded by the sea lies the traditional settlement of Líndos; on the top of the same rock stands a centuries-old acropolis, proudly overlooking the archipelagos. The acropolis bears silent witness to Líndos’ glorious past, a major naval power of ancient times that reputedly had a population of 17,000. The landscape of Líndos encapsulates the essence of Rhodes: a surprisingly felicitous blend of ancient and medieval! With 600,000 visitors annually, Líndos competes with Delphi as the second most visited archeological site in Greece.

Mika and Lefteris, a young Greek couple, madly in love, had a big wedding celebration at Lindos in Rhodes. I was more than excited and inspired to capture the high vibes of this amazing bride!

venue: Amphitheater

Event planner:

makeup artist: Eirini Kazouli

Bridal dress: atelier zolotas
Bridal hair: athanasia_agapitaki
Fireworks: zairisfireworks
Letters lights:
Invitations & favors:
Catering: skoufos_pastry_bakery
Sound & lights: meletios_kanakis

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