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Check the interview on planning weddings in Greece:

According to your experience in wedding planning, what factors do you consider when choosing an event venue?

This is an essential question for our potential clients from our first meeting. We need to understand what they are looking for in terms of locations, style, and budget in order to make relevant suggestions. Then we start our research. Top things for us to consider, except for the above mentioned, 

  • the accessibility,
  • the capacity of the venue,
  • the potentiality of the space for our decorations,
  • and the effectiveness in communication with the venue management

in order to have quick responses and flexibility. As we mainly do destination weddings, our clients come from abroad and most of the time they haven’t seen their wedding venue. They need to feel that they are in good hands and they need to get all the help they need for their final decisions.


What are your strategies for dealing with irate clients?

While preparing for any of our weddings, it is very common and normal for our clients to have felt nervous and stress. As we always look at things from their perspective, at these moments we always suggest a live call in order to have an open discussion with active listening on their needs & wishes. Then we offer the appropriate support & recommendations based on our knowledge & experience.

The day of the event in order to make sure that our couple enjoys every single moment, we reassure that our team has an active presence in every part of the wedding, from the preparations to the wedding party, prevent any possible dissatisfaction and make them feel that we are there for them for anything that might need.


Tell me about a time you had to deal with a last-minute change or unexpected situation when planning an event.

We had an outdoor wedding planned for the end of September. One week before the day of the wedding the weather forecast was predicting some hours of heavy rain. In order to be proactive, we immediately set a meeting with the couple and we created alternatives. Within a week we found another venue that could fit the number of the guests in its covered part; we did all the catering arrangements & all the adaptations to our decoration. One day before the wedding the client decided to take the risk and go with the outdoor option. We organized our team & all the vendors in a way that from the previous day we did all the transfers of goods to the venue, we installed everything that was in covered areas and we left for the day of the wedding all the parts that were in the outer space.

Of course, in order to deal with all the workload fast and efficiently, we re-planned the appropriate amount of team. Finally, the rain happened two hours before the wedding and it lasted half an hour! In one hour and a half, we managed to have everything ready and beautiful.


What are some of the ways you, as event designers, measure event success?

An important factor and priority for us is the satisfaction of our clients not only during the event planning process but also on the day of the event. It is crucial for us to improve our services and the best way to do that is through the feedback that we get after each event.

We always ask our clients their opinion about the whole experience they had working with us. Apart from that, we arrange meetings with the whole team in order to discuss the way we worked for a certain event, what went according to the plan and what we need to improve for future events.

This procedure in combination with clients’ feedback motivates us to find better ways of working in certain circumstances,  grow our team working with new ideas, and broaden our skills.


How do you keep your event budgets on track?

The event budget is a very demanding process that needs control and responsibility.  As planners, one of the first issues that we discuss with our clients when we start our collaboration is about the budget they have for their event. During the planning process, we highly respect the given budget and all of our suggestions are based on that. With shared excel sheets that are updated monthly, we inform the clients about the event costs and the deposits paid. For us, we keep track of our expenses for each event on a daily basis and we are doing very careful management on money spending. 

We also work as consultants to our clients which means that if they ask for services/products that are exceeding their initial budget we inform them and we are ready to offer alternatives. 


Have you ever planned multiple events at the same time? How did you prioritize your time and resources to meet critical deadlines?

Since the peak season for events in summertime, it is very often that we have multiple events to plan at the same time. The key factor for this is to have a team that is organized in a way that can handle multitasking in a successful way. 

The way we work is by separating tasks for each event with specific deadlines and priorities.  We also arrange meetings on a weekly basis with our team in order to discuss the process and follow up with everything. Even with a heavy workload, the priority is our customer service and communication with our clients. With the creation of planning timelines and “to-do” lists the clients are informed of the tasks that we accomplish and this helps us also to control that everything runs smoothly.


What event planning tools and software have you used in the past?

We do utilize technology and we love it! For our presentations & mood boards, we use Canvas as it gives us a thousand different possibilities of layouts & designs. We also use Trello & Asana for delegating & organizing our daily tasks with our team. For our communication with our clients, we always prefer google drive in order to have common access in all our shared documents. 


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