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Dance Laboratory is an international creative platform that aims to connect dance and performing arts with workshops and performances between Rhodes - Greece and abroad.

Dance Laboratory

Dance Laboratory



The initial stage of the process focuses on various modes of action, activations of the spine in order to mobilize the inner sphere of our center by receiving energy from the floor. We will continue to awaken the body, constantly moving it throughout the space, researching the properties of the sphere as a shape and state in space.
Next, we will delve into improvisational conditions in which we will redefine the directions of the body in relation to space and those around us so that all joints move in a multidimensional way, changing qualities, flow and dynamics. The purpose is to discover the weight, the relaxation, and the accumulation of energy within our inner core in order to develop high speeds and potential explosions.



• A Dance Class •

We will work on its basic elements and mechanics modern dance, such as finding the ideal weight distribution while dancing, the axis of our body, the ground, a strong base from which we will jump and more. My goal is to work the body and the mind through given kinetic material but also improvisation. As time goes by and based on what has preceded the lesson, we will be confronted with new qualities and speeds. Target It is up to us every time to exceed our limits even a little physically and mentally.



• Indecent Moves •

This is a contemporary dance class with many influences from various other types of dance such as hip-hop, jazz, and classical ballet. A key element of the course is the musicality and the polyrhythm in the body. Always based on the level of the participants we started with improvisation exercises that aim to prepare each dancer mentally and physically. Alternatively, structured polyrhythm exercises and small hand-pacing combinations with other body parts are given. The second part of the lesson is learning a choreography always-on music but also on the exercises that have been worked on in the first part of the lesson. The choreography is different in each lesson, it is adapted to the level of the respective students.



• Articulated Dynamics •

The course contains dynamic, complex – technically, and physically – exercises and combinations, focusing on detail, clarity, and sharpness. We will work with speed, space, falls, jumps, and acrobatic elements as physical energies. Going in and out of the floor, traveling through it, and learning how to use it when dancing is a factor that the lesson encourages the dancer to be particularly inventive and playful. Using spatial awareness and sensitivity, we will work with quality movements. Combinations and instructions will challenge our individual boundaries and invite us to go beyond them.



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