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Nimborio, the capital of Chalki, is built amphitheatrically above the crystal clear sea, preserving its noble beauty, its picturesque alleys, and the special house architecture: It is one of the prettiest neoclassical settlements of Greece! The former capital of the island was Chorio, built next to the mighty fortress of Knights of Rhodes. Chalki is the ideal island to feel rejuvenated!

Traditional Homes

at Chalki

Traditional Homes at Chalki

Its name originates from the copper [chalkos in Greek] mines that used to exist on the island.  Since 1983, it has been nominated as the «Island of Peace and Friendship» among the youth of the world, offering qualitative staying conditions and marvelous peace. It flourished at the end of the 19th century when Chalkites [inhabitants of Chalki] developed navigation and mainly sponge commerce. 

Chalki followed the historic course of Rhodes and was officially united with Greece in 1948. It extends over a surface of 28 km2; its coastline is 34 km and counts 430 inhabitants. It can be reached by ferry from Piraeus (220nm) and Rhodes’ Kameiros (10nm).

source: visitGreece

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