Athens College Wedding

Eclectic and fun wedding in Athens

Wedding in Athens with a mix of cultures and elegance. Jo and Michael, a beautiful couple that celebrated their wedding ceremony and reception at amazing Athens College, surrounded by friends and relatives from Greece and Singapore. Once more feeling grateful for having such an inspiring couple!

venue: Athens college

The Athens College at a Glance

Athens College was founded in 1925 by a group of enlightened Greeks (with Emmanuel Benakis and Stephanos Delta trailblazing the way) as well as with the support of American philhellenes such as that of Bert Hodge Hill, Director of the American School of Classical Studies.

The Founders’ vision, which was translated into reality from the onset of the College’s existence, revolved around the creation of a school which fostered the “harmonious development of students’ intellectual, ethical and physical capabilities, in particular, their character” by enhancing the existing educational system “with modern pedagogical methods adapted to Greece’s history, traditions, psychology, and national needs.”

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