Antiparos Wedding

Elegant, bohemian wedding on Antiparos

Beautiful Sofie and Eric arrived from Berlin with friends from all over the world, like the US, Japan, Europe to celebrate their love at Antiparos. Their pre-wedding cocktail party took place at Sunset Deseo. The next day the destination wedding ceremony was on an isolated island, Despotiko, where all the 150 guests and the couple had a group Vriksasana, Tree pose, to develop support and coordination energy. After a few group asanas, they made the circle of love and meditated on love, health, and peace! Later on, the night party was uplifting, at a villa at Antiparos, by a live set of great Stockholm DJs, since Eric is the founder of SoundCloud.

Antiparos island

is the perfect destination for your wedding, baptism, birthday, anniversary, or any other event. A wedding on Antiparos is something you and your guests will never forget. Being a Greek wedding photographer means that I have captured weddings all over the Greek islands and must admit that Antiparos is on the list with my most favorite ones!

Antiparos is a small beautiful island located southwest from Paros island in the Cyclades islands of Greece. The calm Cycladic landscape, with the scattered churches, the unique cave, and the Venetian castle on Antiparos town, is ideal for sightseeing. The variety of the coast and the nearby small islands, where golden sand beaches give way to small remote bays with blue-green waters and sea caves, offer experience and beauty you will always remember.

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