Antiparos Wedding

Beautiful Sofie and Eric arrived from Berlin with friends from all over the world, like the US, Japan, Europe to celebrate their love at Antiparos.

Their pre-wedding cocktail party took place at Sunset Deseo. The next day the destination wedding ceremony was on an isolated island, Despotiko, where all the 150 guests and the couple had a group Vriksasana, Tree pose, to develop support and coordination energy. After a few group asanas, they made the circle of love and meditated on love, health, and peace!

Later on, the night party was uplifting, at a villa at Antiparos, by a live set of great Stockholm DJs, since Eric is the founder of SoundCloud.

wedding planner: Antiparos Weddings

Elegant, bohemian wedding on Antiparos

We were so lucky that you as the ‘catcher’ of the moments of our wedding on Antiparos. You brought such a positive and loving aura yourself. I couldn’t stop crying because I was so touched by how beautifully you caught all the moments.
 You are just amazing!!!! Wow!!!! Very thankful ✨
— Sofie & Eric

SoundCloud was established in Berlin in August 2007 by Swedish sound designer Alexander Ljung and Swedish electronic musician Eric Wahlforss, and the website was launched in October 2008. It was originally intended to allow musicians to collaborate by facilitating the sharing and discussion of recordings but later transformed into a publishing tool for music distribution. According to Wired magazine, soon after its inception, SoundCloud began to challenge the dominance of Myspace as a platform for musicians to distribute their music.




Antiparos is one of the best places to have a wedding in Greece – it is perfect for intimate weddings but also a real party atmosphere, and offers so many variations on layout. There are loads of amazing places that are perfect for photo ops. Weddings at Antiparos are amazing because the surroundings are completely stunning.



is the perfect destination for your wedding, baptism, birthday, anniversary, or any other event. A wedding on this amazing island is something you and your guests will never forget. Being a Greek wedding photographer means that I have captured weddings all over the Greek islands and must admit that Antiparos is on the list with my most favorite ones!

The islet of Antíparos, lying southwest of Paros, is ideal for a relaxed and serene holiday and can easily be reached from Poúnda or Parikía by boat. The ancient name of Antíparos was Oliaros. A major Neolithic settlement has been unearthed at the neighboring islet of Saliagos and it is considered to be the oldest in the Cyclades.

Hóra (Town) of Antíparos has been built around a 15th century Venetian castle. The stone-paved streets, the whitewashed alleys, the houses decorated with thriving pink and purple bougainvilleas, and the central square with its shadowy eucalyptus trees create an enchanting atmosphere.


The cave of Antíparos

is located on Ayios Ioánnis Hill, and it is famous for its marvelous stalagmite and stalactite formations; here, you will find the oldest stalagmite in Europe! According to an ancient inscription, one of the cave’s visitors was Archilochos the Parian, a great lyric poet of antiquity. The cave is 90 m. deep, 50 m. wide and 40 m. high, and consists of three chambers. The chapel of Ai Giannis Spiliotis “welcomes” the visitor at the cave’s entrance.

Enjoy the sunshine on beaches along the island’s beautiful coastline. Practice activities such as diving or canoe kayaking on Ayios Georgios beach! West of Antíparos there are three uninhabited islets that once used to be significant cultural centers of the Cycladic civilization: Despotiko, Tsimintiri (between Antíparos and Despotiko), and Strongylo (west of Despotiko).

Excavations keep revealing important ancient treasures, which are now exhibited at the Archaeological Museum of Paros. The islets can be accessed by small tourist boats departing from Ayios Georgios.”

by Visit Greece – Antiparos


Antiparos is secluded and offers top-class catering. Weddings on Antiparos are great because the surroundings are absolutely amazing.

If you’re planning a wedding at Antiparos, get in touch!


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