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My architecture photography is focusing on Greek islands’ villas. In the last years, there are more and more contemporary buildings that follow, aesthetically, the natural surrounding.

Boreas Stone House,

at Anafi, in Cyclades

Anafi Boreas Stone House

Legend has it that this small piece of rock saved ancient sailors from the wrath of the sea. Similarly enough, the salvation people seek nowadays is to be dragged away from the wrath of a busy, hot, and loud city. In that matter, Anafi still fulfills its destiny.

Time pauses, giving the feel of longer days. The sound is minimized. The abundant light lets you focus better. Your sense of smell is enhanced. Blue is the dominant color, only to be blend with the white houses on a hilltop.

About Boreas Stone House:

A traditional village house, built by the family of Gavalas during the late 1800s, passed to the Lardis family mid-1970s. Renovated in 2018, with the principle of Airbnb in mind, combining Cycladic style with modern necessities. Located on the main path of the village, where all the restaurants and shops operate. Conveniently close to the main square of the village, 2 minutes walk το the main road.

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Greek Mythology has it that Anáfi, a paradise of pristine beauty and “exotic” beaches washed by crystal clear waters, had emerged from the bottom of the Aegean sea to give shelter to the Argonauts.

Upon entering the bay of Ayios Nikolaos, you can see a marvelous Hóra unfolding as in an amphitheater. Built on the ruins of a Venetian castle, Hóra is a picturesque image of whitewashed dome-roofed houses and narrow stone-paved alleys. It is this image that had once inspired the craftsmen who left their home island in the Cyclades to build the scenic settlement of “Anafiótika” at the base of the Acropolis Rock in Athens, back in 1860-1870.

Walk, cycle, or go donkey-riding all around the island through the 18 km long trails and see the old farmhouses with the extremely large oven, called “oven houses”, and the “memorial”, the charnel houses.

 Explore the ancient town of Anáfi on Kasteli hill and visit the remarkable necropolis with the monumental tombs and their sculptures. Keep on until you get to Vríssi and rest under the plane trees and by the brooks.

In the east part of the island visit the rock of Kálamos that is the second-highest monolithic limestone after Gibraltar; a must-see for climbers who will enjoy a great challenge here. Furthermore, the ancient temple of Apollo the Anafian and the Monastery of Zoodóchos Piyi lies on the foot of the rock. For fitter climbers, there is another monastery on the top of Kálamos, where a breathtaking view of the sea and the nearby islands will compensate for their effort.

source: visitGreece

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