Folegandros is an island in the Cyclades island chain. It is one of the most wonderful places to visit, full of natural landscapes and a peaceful atmosphere. This island in Greece is a trouble-free place, making it an epic and smooth-for-breaking holiday.

Folegandros is a great place where tourists enjoy relaxing, especially during holidays. Being a good destination in Greece, it boosts the traditional Cycladic architecture. It is full of whitewashed houses decorated with beautiful and colorful windows and doors.


Where to go swimming

The island is full of beautiful and secure beaches. Such beaches include Agali beach, which is the most popular on the island since it has crystal clear waters with impressive rocks, making it look like a golden bay. Other beautiful beaches are Katergos beach, Agios Nikolaos beach, Galifos beach, Livadaki beach, Fira Beach, Karavostasi beach, and Agios Georgios beach.

Where to stay

Close to the Agali beach are taverns, cafes, rooms, and apartments, making it perfect for a private and tranquil vacation. Numerous boutique hotels, all over the island,  are perfect for a romantic stay with a great sea view. The hotels have unique services making the vacation more exciting.

Where to go

Folegandros has incredible natural beauty with different styles. There is a beautiful view from the church of Panagia which sits on the highest point on the island. The main village, Chora, is located on a high point above an impressive cliff with an amazing view of the sea. From Chora hill, one can watch the romantic sunset. The oldest part of Chora is Kastro, the Castle. The modest stronghold, also known as the Venetian Castle, was built in about 1215 to defend against pirate invasions, making it one of the island’s oldest mainstays. Regarding museums visit Ikologiko Laografiko Mousio Folegandros, a folklore museum. Another little settlement on the island, Ano Meria, is a peaceful, picturesque setting sprawled across cultivated fields. You may also enjoy the cocktails in Rakentia, a place that offers panoramic views of the Aegean sea which is a must, especially during sunset.

Although Folegandros is a small island in Greece, the various local recipes – they include Matsata local fish and meat, Kalasouna amongst others – and the beautiful villages make it very exciting. It is a place to enjoy a cozy atmosphere and homemade food made from several fresh and tasty ingredients, explore the seasides and have a yoga retreat.

Folegandros is a perfect place to go for holidays, for a bohemian destination wedding, or honeymoon during summer. 


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