When Should You Take Engagement Photos?

Engagement Photos

Pre-wedding photo shooting

Getting engaged is exciting! It’s the first official step in the wedding process and the beginning of the wedding planning process.  It is a special period when the love we share for someone else has officially reached a more serious level. Once a couple becomes engaged, the planning period commences and we all know how hectic planning a wedding can be.

This is one of the many reasons why engagement photos or pre-wedding photography should be taken no more than a month or two after the engagement. Shooting before the wedding gets this important step out of the way early and helps with planning and other details of the wedding journey.


The Benefits of Taking Engagement Pictures Early

If you opt to take your photos no more than a few months after your engagement, you have time to choose a professional photographer in a timely fashion, choose a concept as well as fashions for the photoshoot, and the to-be bride also has an early opportunity to give a makeup artist a test run. These are all beneficial time-saving tips. The photographer you choose as well as the photos that they snap are an essential part of the wedding planning process. They will help accomplish many time-sensitive and high-priority tasks that are a vital part of the wedding journey and your wedding day. Selecting a photographer and having pictures taken early is extremely helpful and will prevent a ton of stress.


Time-Sensitive Tasks that Require Engagement Photos

Engagement photos are often used for party invitations, save-the-date cards, stationery, and keepsakes. Engagement photos capture the start of your wedding journey and make it easy to complete a lot of necessary tasks associated with the wedding. Opting to take your pictures early makes it easy to create all the appropriate invitations you may need from your save-the-date cards to your engagement party invitations. Plus, there’s another very practical reason why engagement photos should be captured early. The photographer who snaps these beautiful memories is probably also the best person to capture your wedding day memories as well. This is key because there’s a timetable for sending invitations as well as many other important details of a wedding. Your engagement photos are usually the pictures that appear on many of the invitations that you’ll send out. Why not get them out of the way as soon as possible?


Capturing the Moment

Last but not least, you should have engagement photos taken as soon as possible for sentimental reasons. Capturing the joy of this exciting period is best when it happens during a relevant and authentic period or time, soon after the proposal. Capturing this special moment is more beautiful, relevant, and expressive when it happens close to the time that the actual engagement took place. This is why engagement photos may not feel as relevant or exciting if they take place six months or more after your proposal. The timeline isn’t as relevant and the emotions probably won’t be quite as fresh. Taking engagement photos early allows the emotional magic of the moment to be captured in real-time. This is priceless and beautiful.


Your engagement represents the start of your wedding journey. Why not capture the beauty of these moments as early as possible? This should be done for both practical and sentimental reasons. There’s nothing that comes close to capturing the magic of this special moment while it’s still fresh. Plus, these photos are usually the ones that will be used on invitations and a whole host of other wedding materials. It helps to have your engagement photos readily available to create any and all the wedding necessities you will need.



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