Eloping Destinations in Greece

Eloping Destinations in Greece


Undeniably, settling for an eloping destination in Greece isn’t easy. When you look at all islands, they all seem to be beautiful, laid-back, and hospitable. This blog post is here to help you pick one of the many eloping destinations in Greece.


Traditional weddings have become so monotonous and let us not even get started with how stressful they can be. Eloping in Greece is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for you and your better half to tie the knot on one of the Greek islands. Surrounded by white sandy beaches, whitewashed houses, and cliffside villas. Complemented with delicious cuisines and legendary nightlife, Greece is the perfect wedding destination for adventurous couples.

1. Let’s start with the most popular eloping destination – Santorini

Everyone who is passionate about traveling knows that Santorini is one of the most romantic islands in the world. It, therefore, doesn’t come as a surprise that this is the most sought-after eloping destination in Greece. As a Greek wedding photographer, I assure you that this island has the best wedding background. This island will make your wedding day special and unforgettable, from beautiful sunsets to dramatic landscapes. Planning a wedding in Santorini is fairly easy since there are plenty of venues, hotels, and accommodations for guests. Upon request, you can enjoy a wide range of international cuisines. There are also luxurious honeymoon suites in Santorini!

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2. Mykonos or Ios

The islands of Mykonos and Ios contribute immensely to having a photogenic wedding. A destination elopement can help add beauty, elegance, and uniqueness to your photos. For instance, having a wedding in Greece, the pristine sandy beaches, and Greek Cycladic villas adds ambiance and visual interest to your photos. Choosing the perfect venue isn’t enough. You will also have to do some decorations. For you to bring the best out of your wedding, the décor needs to match the theme of your wedding. Be it flowers, aisle runners, or seating markers. The décor should be breathtaking and elegant with the guidance of your wedding planner. Mykonos and Ios are popular for their nightlife, high-end services, and luxurious events.

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3. Naxos

Do you and your soon-to-be prefer a simpler, quieter, and more organic and down-to-earth elopement in Greece? Then Naxos is your ideal elopement destination. For the past few years, Santorini and Mykonos were the go-to wedding destinations in Greece. This is before the discovery of Naxos. This island is home to some of the most breathtaking views. It boasts a calm Mediterranean charm which is quite romantic. The landscape is wild and beautiful. It offers high hills, endless sandy beaches, and traditional villages.

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4. Sifnos

Sifnos is the top destination for discrete, high-end elopements. But can a wedding be complete without food and delicacies? Well, Sifnos is referred to as Foodie’s paradise. The locals here make various specialty dishes that will ensure you and your guests are filled to the brim. Besides food, an elopement to Sifnos can expose you to many adventures ranging from snorkeling, sailing, and swimming on the beautiful beaches. This is more than just a wedding destination.

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5. Amorgos

As a professional wedding photographer who has frequently visited all these Greece islands, I can testify that Amorgos is an ideal wedding destination for couples that love wild nature and quiet places. The scenery is amazing, and unlike other destinations, it’s not touristy. If you are looking for a break from Greece’s sandy beaches, you can have your wedding in one of the many green olive groves. During summer, the climate here is amazing, and you can dress as you wish. Moreover, Amorgos is famous for the movie Big Blue and the crystal waters.

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6. Crete

If you plan on including many family members and friends in your elopement to Greece, then this is the perfect island for you. Unlike the rest of the above islands, Crete is a family-friendly destination packed with tons of activities. You can say your vows at the beach of a luxurious resort, in the olive groves, or in a private villa in the mountains.

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7. Rhodes

Home to the best and biggest wedding venues in Greece, Rhodes is an ideal elopement destination for couples that want professional services and active nightlife. This island is always very busy and full of tourists. There are many resorts that offer services for your special occasion. Moreover, there are plenty of serene views and sites to explore during your trip.

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8. Symi or Kastelorizo

For couples that appreciate colorful architecture, privacy, and luxury, this is where you should elope to. As wedding destinations in Greece, Symi and Kastelorizo are the perfect places for you to create memories and take home captivating wedding photos. Even though they are small islands, your elopement memories on these islands will withstand the test of time.



9. Paros and Antiparos

Paros and Antiparos are the perfect elopement destinations for couples that love sea sports and Cycladic architecture.  These destinations are ideal for more than just weddings. They accommodate a wide range of occasions. You can thus be assured that they have all the amenities you may need for a successful wedding event. Paros and Antiparos have stunning venues and are less crowded from April to June.

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Stay tuned for more tips on how you can have the best destination wedding in Greece. If you were stuck wondering which island you should elope to send me an email. Hopefully, the above article has informed you what to expect from the different elopement destinations in Greece which are also honeymoon paradises.


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