What is Eloping and Why to Elope in Greece?

Eloping  in Greece

Stories of couples eloping have become very popular on social media and in wedding blogs. Being an activity that is done spontaneously, most couples that have eloped consider this the most important decision they have ever made. Eloping with your loved one to a beautiful destination such as Greece can have many benefits.


Not only do you get to say your ‘I do’s in a breathtaking environment, but you also get to avoid family politics and ordinary wedding traditions. If the thought of eloping to Greece has crossed your mind, below is an accurate definition of what elopement means and reasons why you should consider doing it.


What is Eloping?


In the past, eloping referred to when young couples would sneak and get secretly married. It is a behavior that was shunned by society and young adults were warned against doing so. Fast forward to the 20th century, eloping has a new meaning.


When couples elope, they travel to another destination and get married without inviting most of their relatives and family. Eloping is way more romantic than traditional weddings. It happens in a more personal way and it doesn’t pressure the couples.


As fun as an eloping wedding may seem, it does require adequate preparation and planning. If you prefer to have a few witnesses, you can always include some family members and friends in your Greece elopement.


Why Should You Elope in Greece?


Do you still need more reasons why you should elope to Greece? Don’t worry, I have rounded out some of the main reasons why couples should have an eloping wedding in Greece.


  1. It’s Affordable


You are probably wondering, how a wedding in a foreign destination is going to be more affordable. Well, for starters, you don’t have to budget for hundreds of guests.  Weddings in Greece, especially for couples that have eloped from home, tend to be affordable but are quite fancy and exquisite.


  1. An Opportunity to Avoid Family Politics


No matter how hard we try to run away from it, family drama is always going to be present in our lives. A wedding is a very special and intimate celebration. It shouldn’t be disrupted by family drama. An elopement in Greece takes you away from family politics and you can have the celebration of a lifetime.


  1. Weddings in Greece aren’t Tied to Certain Traditions


If the idea of a traditional wedding doesn’t sit well with you, Greece is the place for you to elope without being tied down to particular traditions. In Greece, no one is going to define what you should wear and how you should celebrate your wedding.


  1. You Hate to Plan


Though a fundamental aspect of living, it’s not everyone loves making plans. If you are one of them, a Greece elopement can favor you immensely. In Greece, you can hire a wedding planner who will take all the burdens off your shoulder or even schedule it online yourself. This way you get to avoid long planning.


  1. You Have Had enough of Big Celebrations


There are two kinds of people in this world. Ones who love going overboard and those who prefer a smaller and simpler affair. Eloping to Greece can offer you a smaller and more meaningful wedding celebration. You also get to spend a special occasion with only your loved ones.


  1. Greece has a Variety of Settings and Surroundings


Getting married in Greece gives you the chance to choose from hundreds of locations and settings. If you want a beach wedding, Greece has got you covered. This is also the case if you want a wedding at the core of nature. This is all thanks to the long sandy beaches and beautiful forests in this country. To get a feel of the beautiful scenery, look at the pictures of Greece in my website galleries. The beauty of Naxos, Paros, Antiparos, Sifnos, Anafi, Amorgos, Alonissos, Rhodes, Corfu, Crete and so many more is priceless.


  1. Amazing hospitality and Great Food


What’s a wedding without good food? The Mediterranean diet has been in the limelight for being amongst the healthiest in the world. If you hire local chefs, you can be assured of eating some of the best cuisines on the planet. The locals, we are are amazing. We are friendly and you will be delighted.


  1. You Can Have Your Honeymoon in Greece


The last reason why you should elope to Greece is that you can also have your honeymoon here. With your wife or husband, you can hop from one island to another and check out world-famous sites and cultures. Island hopping during summer either via airplane, boat or a private sailing boat is a dream holiday!


Other Things to Consider When Eloping to Greece


  • Just because you are eloping doesn’t mean you should forget about friends and family back home. Plan to organize a small celebration, a party, or a formal dinner when you return. It will be highly appreciated.
  • Check wisely on which location suits you most since Greece consists of hundreds of islands.
  • Make plans with your photographer in Greece. Necessary in order to capture these special memories. Having captured many destination elopements in Greece I can assist you to plan in advance.


Do you feel the urge to elope to Greece and have a wedding there? What’s holding you back? An elopement in Greece is fun, memorable, and very romantic. Before your elopement, make sure that you plan carefully the wedding. I would be more than happy to assist you via email or WhatsApp.

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