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Wedding Photography in Greece

Documentary Wedding Photography

Wedding photojournalism vs traditional wedding photography When looking forward to documenting your wedding for future memories, you need to choose between wedding photojournalism and traditional posing photography.

Below are solid reasons as to why you should opt for wedding photojournalism. Traditional photographers focus on getting posed portraits but do not really capture the moment’s emotions. The quality in this style is based on factors like lighting, sharpness, correct skin tones, and the nature of the background.

On the other hand, the photojournalistic photographer adds a unique charm depending on his or her visual perception so that the results can be emotional and artistic, thus showing the day’s essence. In this style, there are no strict rules such as lights, framing, angles, and all. Quality is determined by the photographer’s ability to document the day properly.

Benefits of Wedding Photojournalism

Photojournalism is the perfect way to capture the emotions of a wedding day. Moments are captured as they happen, and you definitely will be in a position to recall what you felt when that image was captured days later. The traditional photography style, however, does not capture moments.

Also, photojournalism is the best approach for a documentary wedding when you have limited time. This is because you will not have to spare time to pose for photos, as would be the case in a traditional photography session. If you do not want a bunch of photography equipment all over your marriage, photojournalism is the way to go.

There is no posing in this style, and you will thus have candid moments captured. For instance, a photographer will capture a flower girl whispering to a ring bearer. If you want endless photos of your guests, a photojournalist will do this throughout the event. There might, however, be not enough time for this in the traditional style. Photojournalism documentation is undeniably the best approach. As you plan for this though, bear in mind that you are not just after buying some photos but keeping memories alive! Take your time to choose a photographer. That suits your needs and aesthetics.

I have a very basic approach to my wedding photojournalistic work. Because I am fascinated by the natural human emotions that are there that special day for so many couples, I take great satisfaction in the fact that I feel like I am preserving their energy, emotions, and personas for posterity in their wedding photos. In every single example of my creative wedding photojournalism, I strive to share those very real occasions with the viewer and always to give them the feeling of being there at that very moment when two people who love each other so much commit their lives to each other. To me, that’s truly the meaning of wedding documentary photography.

And, as a big fan of those real moments, I also enjoy shooting wedding documentary photography that includes numerous creative candid shots that convey the true emotions of my subjects. I believe in realism and not in photoshopped or airbrushed photojournalism. That’s because I firmly believe that you look great just the way you are on your wedding day! And, that’s why I want to creatively capture it and share it with everyone who views the photos of your big day. Feel free to email me or arrange a Skype meeting!

Images from one of my beloved Hydra destination weddings.