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My Shooting Style: Documentary Wedding Photographer

Being a documentary wedding photographer in Greece, and the reasons why I choose to photograph weddings with this particular style. Being able to capture memories is one of the most precious gifts life has to offer. Plus, having a Ba in Fine arts and a Ma in digital arts influences a lot my philosophy on capturing images. Check my portfolio and my clients’ testimonials

My goal at the end of the day is to narrate your big day and how it was. My photographic record will unfold organically, as I mingle with all the guests and observe how they relate to the bridal couple and to each other. It’s all about these relationships, this love, and the fabulous setup and location.

Each wedding or elopement in Greece is special in its own way. My documentary-style wedding photography takes precious moments and turns them into memories that last forever. A touch, a fleeting tear, a glance reflected in a mirror: these tiny details reveal more about your family and friends than all the formal shots in the world.

Your wedding photographs will be funny, nostalgic, beautiful, quirky, and reflective. In fact, all of the rollercoaster emotions of the day will be distilled into visual images. I love the real you, but I dislike cheesy, posing for photos – unless you are really into posing 😉


My approach to photography isn’t the traditional style of looking and posing at the camera. Instead, I prefer capturing a more spontaneous, authentic, and story-like wedding that captures love, happiness, and everything in between.


1. Being part of the Wedding

As a photographer with years of experience in documentary shoots, I have learned that it pays off to be part of the wedding. I interact – in a discreet manner – with the bride and groom as well as other guests. This helps me observe more people, and I can easily tell their stories.


2. Being in the Right Place at the Right Time

After photographing several weddings, you get a 6th sense of where you can anticipate what happens next. Now, this is a very useful “superpower” for documentary wedding photography. As a result, I get to be in the right place and at the right time. No matter how little the moment was, its value in the future could be very significant.


3. Being Drawn to Happiness and Love

I am easily drawn to happiness and love. I always find myself in amazing environments, full of excitement. That’s why I focus on documentary weddings. There are a lot of emotions to capture during these events. And after the event, I always feel connected to my clients. Don’t be surprised if we keep in touch for many years after.


4. Finally, I Love Creating Stories

There is no doubt that stories remain to be an important form of human interaction. Everyone loves a good tale. And there is no better narrative other than that of love. Weddings are the perfect place to tell a story. With a collection of stories from throughout the day, you can always relive your special day years or even decades later.


When your grandchildren are looking at your wedding album, will they see candid moments and beautiful landscapes behind them? Will they easily take note of all the minor details of your special day? Destination wedding photography is the answer to all these questions. It is the perfect gift for couples interested in authentic keepsakes.


Wedding photojournalism requires a discreet, artistic, calm, professional, elegant, and spontaneous approach. These are all traits that my clients have described me with. Have you and your partner been considering a documentary-style shoot for your wedding, gone through my site, and gained inspiration from some of my previous works?

Contact me so that we can start planning the way forward.



Magdalene is pure magic, she captures the most important candid moments and you don’t even realize she’s in the room. She specializes in journalistic photography so if you don’t like posing for pictures or you are camera shy she is your girl. She documented amazing moments, each picture conveys emotion, every time I look at a picture I relive my wedding. Her pictures are beautiful, she is professional and honest. most of all she helps you feel relaxed on your big day, she truly is a breath of fresh air.

Jennifer & Dimitris


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