The Ultimate Destination Wedding Planning Checklist

The Ultimate Destination Wedding Planning Checklist

A destination wedding in Greece is a memorable way to exchange “I do’s.”

Not only are you surrounded by important family and friends, but you’re also creating memories in a gorgeous location that you’re sure to remember. Incidentally, Greece is among the most popular wedding destinations today, as the country is teeming with beautiful islands and romantic villages where couples can exchange their life-long wedding vows. This comes as no surprise, especially considering how Greece boasts 250 days of sunshine, meaning more days with crystal skies and favorable weather.

However, while planning a destination wedding is not easy, it’s certainly worth it. If you want your own destination wedding as well, whether it’s here in Greece or somewhere else, we’ve created a checklist to help you out with planning such an important day in your life.


Fix the budget

In an article by the Telegraph on wedding planning, longtime wedding planner Linda Cooper advises couples that the budget should be a priority. Katrina Otter, a fellow wedding planner, agrees.

“So many people don’t have a budget,” Otter bares. “They’ll just go ahead and book a venue, then suddenly realize that if you combine the venue with the caterer that’s two-thirds of their money gone.” You need to keep this in mind, as a destination wedding is bound to have more costs as opposed to a wedding within your area.


Create a guest list

It can be extremely difficult to whittle down a guest list, especially when you want to invite a childhood friend you haven’t spoken to in years. For destination weddings, however, it’s better to draw a line, with a budget as the prime consideration. In other words, only invite those you really, really want. The best way to go about this is to sit down with your spouse, be realistic, and decide right away who you truly want at your wedding.


Choose the location

Of course, a destination wedding won’t be complete without the perfect location, but there are a lot of variables to consider when choosing one. Distance is perhaps the most important. This is because you’ll have to consider your guests’ willingness and capacity to go to your wedding, and even make concessions here and there, all for the sake of choosing a location that’s beautiful, affordable, and accessible for all parties.

So whether you’re planning to wed on one of the amazing Greek islands, like Naxos, Antiparos, Mykonos, Sifnos, Santorini, Rhodes, or the gorgeous mountain-capped views of the Alps, it is important to make sure that your chosen destination is actually accessible for your guests. Otherwise, there’s a risk many of your guests won’t make the wedding. To put it simply, choose wisely.


Finish the paperwork

Getting married alone requires considerable paperwork, and the need to travel means more of it. That said, do take time to work out all important documents (e.g., birth certificates, licenses, passports, etc.) required to get married in another location. Additionally, check out any laws on marriage in the destination of your choosing.


Make the reservations

When you’re done with most of the planning, you can finally make the necessary reservations. Book the travel tickets, venue, and accommodation. Just make sure you resist the urge of adding anything unplanned as it can place you at risk of going over your set budget.


Get a photographer

Finally, you’ll need someone to document your special day. In this case, do contact the destination wedding photographer, Magdalene. She will capture all the amazing moments of that beautiful destination wedding you have so carefully planned.


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