The Cost of Destination Elopements in Greece

The Cost of Destination Elopements in Greece

The idea of Greek island elopement may bring about mixed thoughts regarding the person’s choice of marriage. However, like many other things, the concept of elopement has evolved to be something more special and intimate. Furthermore, the cost of destination elopements in Greece has played an important role.

Large-scale weddings may get intimidating for many, monetary and otherwise too, in these times. This has led many couples to consider eloping on the Greek islands to choose a smaller ceremony. So what is the difference between a typical wedding and an eloped one? What factors determine the cost? 


Elopement Cost vs. Other Weddings

“According to the 2020 Brides American Wedding Study, couples can save a lot of money if they decide to elope. Even the most expensive elopements are often cheaper than other types of weddings. One of the biggest costs saved is on the reception. Of course, many costs are fixed, regardless of whether a couple elopes, has a micro-wedding, or a blow-out party. Wedding rings, for example, are exchanged at wedding ceremonies regardless of whether any guests are present.” 



Essentials for Elopement in Greece


  • Elopement Photography

This is where you can extend your budget and hire the best Greek wedding photographer you can. Since it’s a destination wedding and you most probably don’t have personal contacts in Greece, do your research well and allocate those savings here. Hire a photographer who knows the place well and can add value to your elopement wedding. He can be your guide through your stay and cover those precious moments you spend with your partner.

  • Elopement Planner

Hire an elopement planner to save yourself from the nitty-gritty of the wedding hustle. Focus on having a ball of time and let the elopement planner take charge of your requirements. Not all, but in some instances, your elopement photographer can be a great help in organizing your elopement wedding. In any case, aim to be stress-free and hand over the charge to someone who is aware of your budget, place, and requirement.

  • Lodging

You’re off to the Greek islands for your elopement wedding; thus, your lodgings need to be taken care of. You need to make arrangements not only for yourself but even for your family and friends. It is always nice to stay close to them yet choose a quieter place for yourself so you can enjoy some alone time with your partner. 

  • Renting Space

Since you are planning your wedding in Greece, you would be required to check with the local rentals for the space you choose for your elopement wedding. Whether it’s a hotel, a park, a farm, or a hall; rentals and permits apply. 

Location rentals may start anywhere from 50 Euros and go above, depending on your choice of location. You may also be paying for permits as not all places allow marriage ceremonies to take place. This may add a minimum of another 50 Euros to your budget.

  • Activity Planning

Since nothing is conventional, why should your wedding plan be? Look at different activities that you can indulge in with your family and friends. However, be mindful not to ignore your partner along the way. Do keep a day or two especially to be spent with them with a variety of romantic activities preplanned. 

  • Prenuptial Agreement and Celebrant

The marriage clause differs from town to town, and country to country. Therefore, do your check from before regarding Greece’s policies, requirements, and procedures. However, Greece takes eight days before issuing the marriage license with a validity of six months for the ceremony to take place.

Once you are married, you may have to wait for the marriage certificate to be authorized and handed over to you.


Above all, Elopement Is a Lifetime Experience

Though it’s your destination wedding, you can make it a combination of a wedding plus a honeymoon. Divide your budget wisely and spend your money thoughtfully. Destination elopement can cost you more than a regular wedding if you do not budget it well. Before you plan, do your research well and choose the vendors that best suit your budget. Plan activities you can do with your partner to make your time more enjoyable.

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