Bridal Dress Trends

Bridal Dress Trends

Every bride wants to wear her dream bridal dress that matches her desires and will be able to attract the groom’s and wedding guests’ attention.

But it’s not an easy thing to find the best gown. So let’s have a look at Bridal dress trends. Well, if you’re planning a wedding, here are some trending wedding dresses that will help make your wedding planning easier and brighten your big day.


  • Off the shoulder

This is one of the most unique dress designs that have more emphasis on the collar bones. It has a romantic around-the-shoulder neckline. Detailed straps will be the dominant neckline and off-the-shoulder sleeves. The dress will make you outshine everybody and look stunning in the wedding photos. Your wedding bridal maids will also have an easy time choosing their dress because there is a lot of design that will match with an off-shoulder dress.


  • Detailed sleeves and back

This dress comes with a long sleeve and is feminine and traditional. It is designed to look elegant and simple. It’s a classic silhouette that will remain on the market for a long time. The backs side is not forgotten either as it displays dramatic Watteau designed to give some surprising elements to your day. The detailed sleeve has the best wedding idea that will make all wedding photographers take so many photos of your cute look.


  • The royal effect

The royal effect has been designed with a source of wedding inspiration from the Duchess of Sussex for a long time. It is an effortlessly classic and chick style coupled with all the excitement that will lead the groom to the wedding. It has a design to host body-hugging silhouettes dripping with ornate crystal beadwork that got inspiration from tiaras and crown jewels. The rich were informed by baroque scrollwork and gilded tapestry brocades. Capes were regal to the alternative to the traditional veins. A wedding planner can consider the royal effect even for pre-wedding because of its design. With the added royal effect, you do not worry even if the reception is at a small reception venue.


  • Blue wedding dress

Blue wedding dress allows you astray to the tradition and gives the bride gown a blue color. It has also included Cinderella that inspired several wedding dresses. There are three designers who incorporated baby blue tones in their recent collection. They include Vera Wang blues, Hayley Paige, and Lean Marshall. The dress will serve you even after the engagement and during the wedding party. It can also work well when it comes to giving the wedding bridal some good look for better captured by the wedding photographer.


  • Separates

Separates is the bridal dress that tries to go against wearing norms, as they combine atop a skirt and a trouser. Bride-to-be came with the wedding idea to make the bride look more creative on the wedding day. Engagement festivity has a lot of celebration, after tying the knot; there are still a lot of patties to follow. Thus, there was a need to come with a dress that suits all those activities without any disturbance. Separate enable the bride to have several looks that suit all the celebration thus making the wedding plan easy.


Weddings gowns come and go just the way all fashions are seasonal. If you want to kill the day with a perfect wedding dress, you can consider asking your designer about the latest trends and familiarize yourself with what will suit you on the big day. Above all, choose your preferred style and one that will make you comfortable throughout the day because you need to be as active as possible at your wedding.


Photos from my project on bridal dresses, 

photo shooting for wedding tales gr

Wedding dress & veil: Oscar de la Renta

model: Martina Kudelová

Model Agency: Fashion Cult

Styling: Antwnia Skandalari

Makeup Artist: Tannia Sinni-Beauty Hall

Hairstylist: Loukas Ak


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