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Let’s Talk About Branding Photography

The first step in starting with branding photography is brainstorming on what story you would like to tell your audience.


I am a visual storyteller and I aim at helping small business owners take their businesses to the next level with photos that truly tell the story of them and their brand.  Having a BSc degree in Marketing Management / Business administration I can define the needs of a business easily. When we talk about branding, most of us shift our minds to cute cups and t-shirts with logos of our companies accompanied by fancy fonts and colors. But it is actually more than that. There are many elements that contribute to the making of your visual identity, photography included. Today, we are going to talk about brand photography, its benefits, and how to get started with it.


Understanding Brand Photography


We can define branding photography as the capture and editing of images that visually represent your company or business. These images may contain props, sets, tones, and even colors that portray your particular brand. Brand photography can include pictures of your offices, goods or services, and most importantly your team (employees).


Chances are, you have already taken a branded headshot of yourself and used it on your LinkedIn profile picture. But, that’s just the first step towards getting started with branding photography. Improving the brand of a company or business requires you to have a variety of branded photos that you can share on as many platforms as possible.


What are the Benefits of Brand Photography?


It Makes Your Brand More Relatable to Clients


Research shows that 82% of clients prefer buying from a company that they trust. One of the best ways for you to create trust between your brand and clients is by sharing branded photographs of your business, those who work in it, and the process of production if possible. It makes it easier for them to connect and relate to you on a human level.


But what about those of us who dislike having our photos taken? Worry not, there is a solution for you. Finding a photographer who makes you feel confident and relaxed during shoots can help you overcome this fear. As a professional Greek photographer, I have worked with many business owners who were at first very reluctant towards photography. But after working together to conquer this fear, most look forward to our annual shoots. You may be skeptical, but it will be worth it in the long run, not only for your brand but also for your overall wellbeing.


It Boosts Engagements


Though it may sound like a cliché a picture is worth a thousand words. One of the reasons why infographics are becoming more popular than text in digital marketing is because a single photograph conveys lots of information which boosts engagement. Through engagement, a business owner can be able to attract more leads to their business.


It Helps Create A Great First Impression


The human eye has the ability to recognize and appreciate beauty, consistency, and high-quality content. However, our focus limits this window to a fraction of a second. And what better way to create a great first impression in the shortest time possible other than using branded photography? By working with a skilled brand photographer, you can create stunning images that will capture the attention of everyone who sees it.


Where to Use Brand Photography?


Contrary to everyone’s opinion, brand photography can be used in more than just social media. Blog posts paid ads, email newsletters, business cards, and websites are other ideal places where you can share stunning photos of your brand.


Getting Started with Brand Photography


The first step in starting with brand photography is brainstorming on what story you would like to tell your audience. You can gain inspiration from other businesses in your industry or simply ask your clients what they would like to know about you. The next and perhaps most important step is finding a professional brand photographer. Ensure you work with someone experienced and one whom you can come up with an outline of key shots that you will need.


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