Although I am the kind of traveler who loves exploring different places each time. I did visit Anafi for the second time in the last five years.


Summer at Anafi

Visiting Anafi is a great way to spend your summer in Greece. You can get a taste of the resident’s hospitality and unique landscapes. It is taking its place in the tourist scene gradually. It can provide all the services that travelers need, as long as they do not visit it as ordinary tourists but as old excursionists who constantly discover the island by inspecting it from the sea and land. Even though it is very close to Santorini, it does not have anything to do with Santorini’s cosmopolitan ambiance. Unlike this world-famous island, this amazing island remains untouched by mass tourism, and, therefore, retains its traditional charm.

Anafi has volcanic origins and, therefore, boasts a unique volcanic landscape. It has raw sandy beaches and imposing cliffs that produce wild natural scenery. The island has a relaxing atmosphere and an appealing natural setting. Therefore, it is an excellent location for camping too.

Places to visit

The village of Chora is the capital of Anafi. Chora, a sparsely populated hill-top settlement built amphitheatrically at a height of about 200 meters above sea level. It is a treasure trove of natural wonders, with natural trails, wild rocks, and stunning views of the island and the sea. This picturesque village is made up of charming whitewashed buildings, stunning churches, little squares, and windmills.. You can stay at a resort in Chora, enjoy the local bakery and food, have drinks in the night bars, and easily visit many Anafi beaches and explore the island gradually.


Traveling in Greece

There are about 6000 islands on the Greek archipelago, about 200 of them being inhabited, each boasting its way of life; the blue-and-white houses on the Cyclades, to the green, lush Ionian islands. This is a character that people who visit Greece for the first time don’t grapple with; they make a monolithic description of the whole experience. It is only by intimate familiarity with the country that one gets dumbfounded by the diversity and magnitude of the archipelagos.

Most Greek islands have airports, not all international, leaving domestic carriers like Aegean Airlines as the main service providers from Athens or neighboring islands. However, the popular ones, like Santorini and Crete, have international airports, making them accessible from the Middle East and European cities. When staying within a single archipelago, ferry travel is the best way. In search of nice weather and fewer crowds, May, June, and September are the best months.



The Cycladic islands include Naxos, Mykonos, and Santorini islands, three of the islands that are most visited, and other smaller ones like Milos, Folegandros, and Ios. The Cyclades have a total of 220 isles, with 24 of those being inhabited. The peak visits are in June, July, and August. Among these, Anafi is a great stop, and it is close to Santorini Island.


Anafi is one of my favorite destinations and will always be.

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