Although I am the kind of traveler who loves exploring different places each time, I did visit Anafi for the second time, in the last five years,  and many will follow.

“Sitting on the southeastern side of the Cyclades island group, Anafi is a little gem in the Greek islands. Thanks to its proximity to the worldwide famous Santorini island, island hopping between Santorini and Anafi is a must. Although it is so close to Santorini island, Anafi has nothing to do with the first’s cosmopolitan ambiance. Unlike Santorini, Anafi island Greece is still untouched by mass tourism, keeping its traditional charm!

It has, just like Santorini, volcanic origins, so it boasts a very unique volcanic landscape. Imposing cliffs and raw sandy beaches create wild natural scenery, ideal for those who love holidays in nature!

Thanks to its relaxing atmosphere and extraordinary natural setting, Anafi island has emerged as a great destination for camping! Given that most Anafi beaches are easily accessible by foot and that the island has just one village, it’s pretty easy to get around the island.

Chora Anafi:

The village of Chora is the capital of Anafi, one of the most unspoiled Greek islands. Built amphitheatrically at an altitude of nearly 200m above sea level, this sparsely populated hill-top village is a treasure trove of nature’s delights with its natural footpaths, caves, wild rocks, and spectacular views of the island and the sea.

Charming whitewashed houses, arched single-room houses, beautiful churches, little squares, and windmills built on the ruins of an old Venetian palace make up this quaint village whose relative isolation has been attracting many tourists in recent times.

Although Chora is far from being on a popular itinerary, it has become a favorite destination, particularly for tourists who are on the lookout for some serenity. The village can be reached from the tiny port of Agios Nikolaos by an asphalt road.

Traveling around the village has to be done on foot or on a mule as there are no vehicles-on-hire. Small taverns, cafes bars, and ouzeries can be found in Chora offering local dishes. Other local specialties include thyme honey, flower honey, and olive oil.

As for the sights to see, visitors have to choose among small chapels and archaeological ruins. The Monastery of Zoodochos Pighi, the Monastery of Panagia Kalamiotissa, the Roman cemetery, the ruins of the ancient town, and the remains of the temple of Anafaios Apollo, all these sights can be appreciated in areas close to Chora.


is a huge rock that sits on the southeastern side of Anafi island. Kalamos rock, which is also known as the “Scariest rock in Europe”, is the second biggest monolith in Europe after Gibraltar. Being 460 m. high, Kalamos is arguably the most impressive natural attraction in Anafi and also a popular climbing spot. On the top of the rock stands Panagia Kalamiotissa church, a beautiful whitewashed chapel, built-in 1715. This chapel offers a marvelous view to the island and it is the perfect spot for sunset gazing.”

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