Greek Australian

Wedding at Kos

Greek Australian Wedding at Kos

A beautiful, full of fun Greek-Australian wedding at Kos.


Kos, Greece


Adriana & Anastasios

kos wedding

It is one thing to have ‘formal’ photos of your wedding day and another to have images that capture the essence of moments! Magdalene observed and recorded our story as it unfolded, each image filled with emotion, truth and realism. Magdalene has a distinct artistic vision towards wedding photography, she strives not for a flawless shot, but to perfectly capture the actual emotion and atmosphere of the scene. Having a destination wedding often means having to celebrate without the presence of all your loved ones, we go home knowing that through our photos we can relive our special day with them, moment by moment.  Thank you for authentically and candidly capturing our love

Adriana and Anastasios